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Green Grad Program

The Green Grad program aims to foster students who are dedicated to sustainability at Drake University and who will continue to advocate for sustainability in their lives and future careers.  Participating in this program will promote engagement in sustainability research, education, service learning, and events. 

To achieve a Green Grad status, students must complete a minimum of 10 sustainability points. Students will then sign a Green Graduation Pledge affirming their lasting commitment to sustainability and receive a certificate. This program will provide incentive and recognition to students engaged with sustainability on campus. 

If you would like to participate, fill out a Green Grad Intent form. Once received, you will receive and email from Office of Sustainability staff confirming your acceptance into the program. The point scale and tracking form can be found below. 


2024 Green Grads

Congrats to the May 2024 graduating class! This group of graduates are the first ever to complete the Green Grad program. Their sustainability efforts are greatly appreciated on campus, and we are proud to see them continue in the world.

          Claire Abbott           Andrew Kennard              Jenna Baker         

             Paige Minor               Tyler Butler                   Olivia Nole

                 Katie Das             Maya Peterson               Hannah Heiss         

                           Amanda Russell          Vanessa Southgate 

Tracking Points

You are responsible for completing the Green Grad Tracking Form at the end of each semester to update any points you earned. Office of Sustainability staff will track your progress throughout the program. Once you have earned at least 10 points, you will sign the Green Grad Pledge stating your commitment to sustainability in your future endeavors.

.5 Points Required Documentation 
Attend a sustainability related event on campus. Up to 2 points can be earned this way.  Submit event name, date, a photo, and one-page reflection (double spaced).
1 Point Required Documentation 
Volunteer with a sustainability organization on campus. 4 volunteer hours are need per one point; you can earn up to 5 points in this area. Any Office of Sustainability, DEAL, Epsilon Eta, Next Course, Ducks Unlimited, or Sprout Garden opportunity would qualify. Certify on DUGood and submit a one-page reflection including event, date, hours, and your role. If event is not on DUGood, please include a picture in your reflection. 
3 Points  Required Documentation 
Take a 3-credit hour sustainability focused course and receive a minimum grade of a B-. You are not eligible if you receive points for an ENSS major or minor. May only get credit once.  Submit a digital transcript or screenshot of the course and grade.
Attend at least 3 Sustainability Committee meetings.  Include dates attended. 
Host a sustainability related event or program for a Drake Organization. Submit a 1-page reflection (double spaced) on how the event/program incorporates sustainability and your role. 
5 Points  Required Documentation 
Complete an ENSS minor Submit a digital transcript.
Complete the Organizational Sustainability & Resiliency business track Submit a digital transcript.  
Complete a yearlong internship through the Office of Sustainability, SPROUT, or Next Course Food Recovery Network.  Confirmation from your supervisor. 
Serve on EC or in a board role for DEAL Epsilon ETA, DOLC, or Ducks Unlimited Submit a 1-page reflection (double spaced) on your participation in the organization and initiatives you developed or were in charge of. 
Serve as an environmental chair or sustainability leader for any organization.  Submit a 1- page reflection (double spaced) on your participation in the organization and the sustainability initiative you developed or were in charge of. 
Participate in paid research that is at least a semester long and focuses on a sustainability related question.  Submit a 1-page reflection (double spaced) on the research project and how it is related to sustainability. If you already have a report, you can submit that. 
Present sustainability research at a conference that is not required for a class.  Please submit a 1-page reflection (double spaced). 
6 Points  Required Documentation 
Complete an ENSS major. Submit a digital transcript.

If you feel you participated in an activity not listed above, but believe it should count towards this program, you can fill out the Green Grad Tracking Form with a request for review. Points will be awarded based on impact on campus and community and time commitment.

All Fall 2024 Green Grad points and pledges need to be submitted by Monday, December 2. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Sustainability Coordinator. 

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