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Our Campus

Across campus, we strive to incorporate sustainable practices into our everyday operations.

From facilities and grounds to campus dining, we utilize products and practices that cut down on environmental harm and unnecessary waste so we can minimize Drake's impact.

Facilities and Grounds

Drake is committed to creating a sustainable campus through the implementation of practices that align with our goals of economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Drake has established a goal of achieving at least LEED Silver or Two Green Globes certification on all new campus construction. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and Green Globes represent rating systems and guidance for green building design, operation, and management that ensure projects meet high standards of environmental, water, and energy efficiency. In addition, the Facilities Services staff use green cleaning products that do not contain many of the toxins used in traditional cleaners and time lawn sprinklers to run during periods of the day when evaporation is minimal.  The grounds team works hard to maintain a sustainable campus to ensure Drake is recognized by Tree Campus Higher Education. This honor has been received every year since 2011.   

Campus Dining

Drake Dining is taking several steps to improve sustainability such as purchasing local foods when possible, serving fair-trade coffee, eliminating trays to limit food waste, composting food scraps, and donating excess food to community organizations through student-run Next Course. Drake Dining's sustainability initiatives also include the introduction of reusable containers in The Hubb, which have helped reduce waste significantly.  

Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling

Drake has been a leader in adopting recycling measures across campus including utilizing a single-stream recycling system, recycling our waste oil, collecting and recycling refuse after athletic events, “demanufacturing” old appliances, and composting uneaten food at the dining hall. The University is also aiming to reduce printing in every area. Toward that effort, we are already converting to electronic schedules and media guides in athletics, installing new LCD screens for menus and announcements, encouraging faculty to post handouts online, and issuing all University billing statements electronically.    

Renewable Energy

Drake is continuously looking for ways to increase renewable energy generation on campus and decrease the carbon footprint. The first solar project was implemented in 2019 at the Roger Knapp Tennis Center. There is a 128.02 kW solar array that effectively makes the Tennis Center a Net-Zero Building. You can track in-time energy generation here. 

Drake's second renewable energy project is the 48.7 kW solar installation at the Tom and Ruth Harkin Center. Installed in 2021, you can track live in time energy production here. 

The most recent solar project is the 125 kW solar array on the roof of Meredith Hall as a part of the 2023 revitalization. Track in-time energy production here


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