Through our Blue is Green” program, we work to minimize Drake University's environmental impact by continuously evolving our sustainability goals to protect the planet and all organisms who inhabit it.

Sustainability is the practice of meeting the needs of the present while protecting the ability for future generations to do so as well. Drake recognizes the need for immediate and long-lasting actions that sustain environmental health, promote social equity, and encourage economic vitality, and seeks to incorporate these ideals through our campus operations, student engagement, and community outreach. Drake is committed to bettering our campus and our community by doing our part to ensure a better future for all.


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sustainable buildings on campus (3 GG certified, 1 LEED, and solar panels)


Greenhouse Gas Reduction every 10 years


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Sustainability Plan 2023-2033

In 2022, the initial goal of a 30% carbon emissions reduction included on the Continuous Improvement Scorecard was achieved. As we turn our attention toward setting the new round of goals, the development of a comprehensive Drake University’s Sustainability Plan guides our work. The plan is the result of numerous presentations, conversations, and meetings to accurately reflect the university’s shared values. Through clear goals, action steps, trackable metrics, and timelines, this plan serves as the roadmap to integrating sustainability across campus for the next 10 years. To make the plan achievable, the first five years are focused on six key categories 
to address sustainability issues: emissions, water use, waste management, campus engagement, grounds, and transportation.


Sustainability 10 Year Plan 2023
This is a living document that the Office of Sustainability released in spring of 2023. It will be reviewed every year with a progress report to be published every two years. In the year 2026, sustainability staff will evaluate the plan and set priorities for the following five years up until 2033.

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