World Languages & Cultures

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Faculty & Staff


Natalie Benson

Adjunct Instructor of French

Meredith 208        

Polly Brekke

Adjunct Instructor of American Sign Language

Meredith 208
Makhmouth Dia Adjunct Instructor of French

Meredith 208

Jing Gao Adjunct Professor of Chinese

Meredith 208

Eduardo García-Villada  Associate Professor of Spanish 

Meredith 217

Akiko Iwama Adjunct Instructor of Japanese

Meredith 208

Ibrahim Khalaylih Adjunct Instructor of Arabic

Online office hours only

Inbal Mazar Associate Professor of Spanish

Meredith 216

Victor Medina Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish

Meredith 227

Marc Pinheiro-Cadd
Associate Professor of German

Meredith 226

Ines Rojas Global Practitioner

Howard 315

Chinatsu Sazawa  Associate Professor of Japanese
Chair of World Languages & Cultures  

Meredith 215


Cati Davis        

Administrative Assistant for           
Political Science, and
World Languages & Cultures

Meredith 209


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