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Applying to Working Worldwide

Drake University’s Working Worldwide program has a simple online application through the platform Terra Dotta and an in-person interview. 

The deadline for applying to Working Worldwide is March 1, 2019.  Applications must be submitted by 12:00 PM CST.

Terra Dotta will be the general portal for document collection and post-acceptance program requirements.  Details will be shared with applicants throughout the process.


Selection Criteria

    Applicants who demonstrate the emotional maturity to adapt to living and working in a new culture, who successfully show how this program supports their personal and/or professional goals, and who demonstrate professionalism throughout the application and selection process will be offered a spot in the Working Worldwide program.  Please note that ultimate participation is dependent on hirability with our partner organizations. While teaching experience is not a requirement to participate, gaining teaching, mentoring, or tutoring experience is highly encouraged and those with this experience will have more options for placement.

Application Process

There are three main steps in applying and securing your place in the Working Worldwide program:

1. Online application through Terra Dotta, including $150 application fee (counts toward overall program fee). Deadline is 12:00 PM CST on March 1, 2019.

2. In-person interview with Working Worldwide program staff.  Skype interviews are possible in specific cases.

3. Deposit. If you have been offered placement with the program, we require a $500 non-refundable deposit (that goes toward your overal program fee) to secure your commitment to Working Worldwide.

4. Pay the remainder of the Program Fee. To complete the fee of $1,995, your final payment will be $1,345. Please see the program's FAQ page for more details about what the fee covers.

Online application requirements

(Further details provided within application)


  1. Short Questionnaire: General questions about yourself in relation to the program.
  2. Statement of Purpose: 700-800 words specifying how this program supports your personal and/or professional goals.
  3. Two letters of recommendation: one academic and one professional
  4. Resume: Highlighting any teaching, mentoring, or tutoring experience.
  5. Transcript:  An official hard copy is required. See Supporting Materials below.
  6. Application Fee: An application will not be complete without the $150 application fee. This does count toward the overall program fee of $1,995.
  7. Diploma (Optional): A scanned PDF if you have already graduated.


 **PLEASE NOTE: Applications must be "Submitted" in Terra Dotta to be considered complete. The application fee MUST be paid and all required information entered into the application by March 1. Letters of recommendation may be received from recommenders no later than March 9.

 How to find the Working Worldwide application in Terra Dotta

1. Go to the Terra Dotta website (
2. Click on “Programs”
3. Under “Simple Search”, Show: “Outgoing”, Name: “Working Worldwide”, Term: “Post-grad Teaching”
4. Click on the Program Name
5. On the brochure page, click “Apply Now”
6. Create profile and begin application.  You may save and log out at any point.

Supporting Materials


Physical Examination Record Form: China

Working Worldwide Transcript Request Form

University News