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The Buchanan Center offers the entrepreneurship minor, as well as other resources to develop your skills and network.

Minor in Entrepreneurship 

Our Entrepreneurship minor is designed to meet the needs of all Drake students who have an interest in being an innovator and leader in their fields. The minor is designed to guide you through the process of starting and running your own business. You will gain skills from a combination of classroom instruction, see our course list here, and hands-on learning. At Drake hands-on learning means the Entrepreneurship program gives you the opportunities to pitch your own business ideas to venture capitalists, to obtain mentorship that would provide personal guidance to your project, and to participate in internships in our own Center for Innovation and the greater Des Moines area. This minor is essential for any student who wishes to turn their undergraduate education into a business, regardless of major. 

Be an entrepreneur, be a changemaker, and let our Entrepreneurship minor help you get there!

International Opportunities

Drake’s relationship with Makere University Business School (MUBS) in Uganda gives you the chance to experience entrepreneurship in an international setting. Students participate in exchanges and study abroad seminars, and have also pursued service-learning and business-related projects in Uganda that continue once they return home. One group of students is raising money to build a health clinic in the country, while another student helped a Ugandan artist start a business to sell his artwork.

Along with Uganda, there are a number of international projects available. You can learn more about the program in Uganda and other international opportunities here.

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