B.F.A. in Theatre-Design & Technology

The Theatre Design and Technology program provides students a solid theatre education experience. Students take a series of design and support courses in all theatrical production areas.

Scene painting, stage lighting, stage management and CAD courses are many of the courses available to design and production majors. The program also stresses active involvement in all aspects of production work outside the classroom. Design students serve as assistants to faculty designers and are given the opportunity to design main stage productions.

Theatre Arts Core Requirements (31 credit hrs.):

THEA 003: Acting I, 3 credit hrs.
THEA 005: Readings in Theatre, 3 credit hrs.
THEA 030: Stagecraft (including Lab), 4 credit hrs.
THEA 031: Costuming (including Lab), 4 credit hrs.
THEA 032: Makeup, 3 credit hrs.
THEA 103: Directing I, 3 credit hrs.
THEA 120: Theatre History I, 3 credit hrs.
THEA 121: Theatre History II, 3 credit hrs.
THEA 124: Technical Practicum, 1 credit hr.
THEA 160: Stage Management, 3 credit hrs.
THEA 190: Senior Capstone, 1 credit hr.

Additional Required Courses in Theatre Arts (36 credit hrs.):

THEA 033: Mechanical Drafting (Theatre), 3 credit hrs.
THEA 062: Stagecraft II, 4 credit hrs.
THEA 063: Introduction to Design, 3 credit hrs.
THEA 124: Technical Theatre Practicum I, 1 credit hr.
Technical Theatre Practicum II, 1 credit hr.
Technical Theatre Practicum III, 1 credit hr.
Technical Theatre Practicum IV, 1 credit hr.
Technical Theatre Practicum V, 1 credit hr.
Technical Theatre Practicum VI, 1 credit hr.
THEA 150: Sound Design for the Theatre, 3 credit hrs.
THEA 161: Scene Design, 3 credit hrs.
THEA 162: Stage Lighting, 3 credit hrs.
THEA 163: CADD for Theatre, 3 credit hrs.
THEA 165: Project in Theatre Design, 1-3 credit hrs.
THEA 182: Seminar in Advanced Design, 3 credit hrs.
THEA 183: Scene Painting, 3 credit hrs.
THEA 184: Costume Design, 3 credit hrs.

NOTE: Students must complete a minimum of 4 hours of Technical Theatre Practicum. No more than 6 hours maximum may be applied toward the degree.

Required Courses in Art & Design (15 credit hrs.):

ART 015: Drawing I, 3 credit hrs.
ART 076: Survey of Art History II, 3 credit hrs.
9 credit hrs. in Art & Design electives

Required Courses in English (9 credit hrs.)

9 credit hours of Literature courses are required (3 of those hours must be a Shakespeare course).

NOTE: These courses may also be used to fulfill an A.O.I.

Portfolio Requirements for entry into the BFA Theatre-Design & Technology program

Catalog listing with major requirements

Checklist for BFA Theatre-Design & Technology

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