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Academic Program Changes

Creating a New Academic Program or Modifying an Existing Program

The Academic Program Change process facilitates conversations between academic departments or programs and relevant administrative staff.  These conversations help to identify and respond proactively to applicable university policies, procedures, and standards; state, federal, and international laws; and promote protections (e.g., intellectual property) for program faculty, students, and administrative staff. Operationalizing new academic programs or changes to existing programs may involve the efforts of more than a dozen academic and administrative offices. 


Column A

Column B

Column C

College/School Curricular Revisions Expansion or Contraction of Academic Program (Provost Review/Approval) New Academic Program Application (Trustee Approval)
Follow standard college/school curricular processes Requires additional forms and review Requires additional forms and review

Minor curricular changes:

  • Instructional delivery change at course level
  • Change in course sequence
  • New course
  • Discontinuing course
Name changes to existing programs

     New degree program

  • Certificate
  • Associate
  • Bachelor
  • Graduate/Professional
  Discontinue of minor, track, emphasis, or concentration Discontinuation of degree or certificate program
  New minor  

Change to degree type awarded:

  • New degree track(s)
  • New concentration
  • New endorsement
  3+3, 3+2, or 4+1 Programs  
  New location  

Academic Program Change Process - Step-by-step guide

Financial Feasibility Analysis Template

Qualtrics Form: Preview

Qualtrics Form: Ready to Submit

New Program Three-year Review Form

Helpful Visuals

Flow Chart: Program Change Process Overview

Academic Program Change Checklist

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