Crew Scholars Program

Crew Scholars Program

Drake University Crew Scholars Students

What is “Crew Scholars”?

Crew |'Krü| - A group of Drake students of color who stand together to support each other's success, academic excellence, and leadership growth.

The Crew Scholars program is an academic excellence and leadership development program for incoming students of color. The Crew Scholars Program offers a community in which you’ll build lifelong friendships, attend exciting events, and get involved in every aspect of campus life, all while cultivating academic excellence and leadership skills and nurturing your passion for making a difference. Crew Scholars who are enrolled full-time will receive a $500 tuition scholarship, which is renewable if students satisfactorily participate in the program.*

*Not available to recipients of Tuition Exchange or to students whose tuition is already 100% funded. 

Joining the Crew

The Crew Scholars Program at Drake is open to incoming domestic students of any major. Three cohorts of 20 students will be selected for the program. . The Crew Scholar Program is accepting students on a rolling basis.

Once you are part of the Crew, all scholars pledge to graduate from Drake and to provide positive encouragement and support to fellow Crew members. You'll also commit to participating in each component of the program.

The Crew Scholars Program has a priority deadline January 31, 2024. Students who meet the Crew priority deadline will have the highest consideration for the program. We will continue to accept applications after the priority deadline on a space-available basis.

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Incoming Transfer Students

The Crew Scholars program is available to eligible incoming transfer students . For your personalized application form, please contact Jazlin Coley, Director of the Crew Scholars program, at

Incoming Transfer Student Eligibility Requirements:

  • Student must be enrolled as a fall-entry-only Drake Student.
  • A student must be able to complete the two-year mandatory Crew programming, including Pre-Welcome Week programming.

The Crew Scholars Program

  • Provides focused social and academic support for its members.
  • Encourages active campus participation.
  • Recognizes and nurtures individual identities.
  • Prepares students for leadership and mentorship roles.

Being Part of the Crew

Pre-Semester Events

For one day during summer orientation and for two days before Welcome Week in August, the Crew gathers to prepare for their transition to Drake, build friendships, and establish fellowship. After these events, (for which all expenses except travel are paid) you’ll begin your studies with confidence and a sense of belonging.

Crew Connect Sessions

Throughout your first academic year, the entire Crew meets every week with the program directors to develop strategies for academic success, discuss your unique experiences of students whose life experiences have provided special insight into issues surroundng diversity and inclusion.


Each year, the Crew Scholars plan a campus-wide event, collaborate with other student groups, and take a leading role in raising awareness about a social issue that they identify as pressing. The group also attends a student leadership conference each spring semester.

Mentor Role

In year two and beyond, each Crew Scholar becomes a mentor for the incoming class, guiding new students through the ups and downs of their first year and building a tradition of responsibility. The mentorship activities combined with a shared commitment to graduate from Drake create a sense of community achievement with each year’s graduating class.

Faculty Mentorship

In addition to being paired with a Crew scholar mentor, each incoming Crew Scholar will work with a faculty mentor. Faculty mentors support Crew students throughout their time at Drake as students pursue academic excellence, develop professional goals, and make decisions about the diverse academic and social opportunities they encounter at Drake.

Support the Crew Scholars Program

Drake's Crew Scholars Program is improving the University's ability to attract a highly qualified and diverse student body and provide academic and personal support to ensure students are successful. Show your support for the program by making a donation today.

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