Health Sciences

Health Sciences

If you are interested in a career in health care, the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree is a great fit! In this program, you will focus on developing the knowledge, skill set and professional experience necessary for success in health care and related fields.

You will be exposed to a wide range of hands-on, health care-related experiences while mastering the foundational skills of a liberal arts education. You will participate in an interdisciplinary curriculum that combines coursework in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and clinical sciences with business, health care management and health behavior, giving you a well-rounded education that will serve you will throughout your career. 

Real-world experience

One hundred percent of our students complete at least one professional internship during their time at Drake. In the early stages of the program, you’ll experience the world of health sciences through job shadowing, career mentoring, and project development. Later, you’ll participate in work experiences in areas related to your own career interests. Students in the clinical and applied sciences track participate in experiences associated with major medical centers and local clinics. Students following the health services management track are placed at sites associated with health insurance, information management, health systems management, or public health. Either way, you’ll spend a lot of time out of the classroom putting your skills to work.

Of course, you’ll benefit from the experiences that all Drake Bulldogs enjoy—mentorship from professors at the top of their field; résumé-worthy internships, research experiences, and other professional preparation; opportunities to learn while serving the community; and January Term experiences that immerse you into the fascinating topics—and locations—you choose.

Unlimited opportunities

Graduates of the health sciences program enjoy success in a wide range of careers including allied health (physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training pharmacy, audiology, optometrist, clinical and laboratory sciences, etc.) and primary care (physicians, dentists, veterinarians, etc.) Others work in the health insurance industry, public health agencies, hospital administration, health care management, and health education, among others.

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Jessica Lang, MAT
Director of Enrollment Services