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Current Students

 Current students can click here to schedule an appointment. 

How do I arrange academic accommodations?

  1. If you are new to Access and Success at and receiving accommodations for the first time at Drake, you will need to fill out an Intake form here. Please contact the Office of Access and Success if you need any accommodations in this process. If you are a returning student to A&S at Drake, skip to step Five.
  2. Completely fill out the Intake Form, and provide the Office of A&S with sufficient documentation of your disability to the office via fax, email, or in-person delivery.  The Intake Form and submitted documentation will be reviewed by a A&S member. 
  3. Schedule and attend an intake appointment with your coordinator via Starfish here. You can reach them at During the intake appointment, you and your coordinator will engage in an “interactive” process in which you discuss the following:
    1. The documentation you submitted;
    2. Barriers you experience in your academics and/or activities;
    3. Your accommodation inquiries and suggestions; and
    4. The specific adjustments or services (reasonable accommodations) that are available for you, and how to set up those accommodations.
  4. During your appointment with disability services, accommodations will be sent by a staff member to all your instructors listing your approved reasonable accommodattions. You are responsible to follow-up with your instructors to discuss accommodations. A faculty member may have additional questions or seek alternative arrangements, and the Office can help facilitate this process.
  5. Each semester, you will need to renew your accommodations by filling out either an Accommodation Renew Request Form if you've made no changes to your accommodations or a Accommodation Change Request Form if you are modifying your accommodations from the previous semester. 

We thank you for your cooperation and participation in the process. Through these steps, the Access and Success Office will fully document the date you request accommodations, the nature of each request and any supporting documentation, the reason(s) for any denials, and the interactive process occurs.

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