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Top 5 Online

Learning Strategies

1.  Set daily goals

Goals are the foundation for your daily small wins. Instead of aimlessly working, pick two or three projects you would like to get done that day. Remember goals should be specific and easy to measure.

2. Create your study space!

Location is crucial to focusing on your tasks. If possible, find a space where you can limit distractions and get work done. Try to avoid too relaxing spaces like a bed or sofa. Spaces that are too comfortable can be distracting as well.

3. Schedule time for work

With a number of projects, homework assignments and tests, its important to keep track of them by scheduling out your time. Scheduling time will help to ensure that you stay on task with goals.

4. Take Breaks

Understand that we are all human. Working several hours without a break won't be beneficial to you or your work. Every hour or so, get up and stretch or take a short walk. The best thing for you and your work is to stay fresh with ideas!

5. Actively take notes

Taking active notes is important, whether online or in the classroom. Keep track of key points and your internalized thoughts by taking notes regularly.


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