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Test Taking

Many students struggle with test taking while in College. Please use the resources below to learn some study skills to improve your testing or test taking anxiety you may experience.

Drake Access and Success Resources

Additional Resources

  • Exam Prep Tips (SUNY - University of Albany): Nervous about your upcoming test or exam? Read these tips on how to get rid of that test anxiety and turn your attitude into one that will help you succeed!
  • Quizlet (flash cards): is a handy studying website that allows you to take practice tests, quizzes, games, and review flashcards created by other students or teachers in almost every subject. You can study the information already provided or even create your own tests, quizzes, games and flashcards!
  • Study Blue (flash cards): Studyblue is a mobile App that allows you to create your own personalized flashcards and study them on your device. It incorporates different study methods including review sheets, flashcards, and quizzing.
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