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Arts & Sciences Committees

Arts & Sciences Council

Mondays 3:30-5 p.m. in MER 232

Fall 2023 Spring 2024
September 6 February 19
September 18 March 25
October 23 April 15
November 20 May 13
December 11  
Members At-Large 
Chair: Debra DeLaet, POLS (24)   
Vice-Chair: Meredith Luttrell, BIO (25)  
Ali Mallik, LPS (24) Dian Nostikasari, ENSS (25)
Abigail Stepnitz, LPS (24)  Meghan Rowe-Johnson, PSY (25)
Divisional Representatives 
Eric Saylor, MUS, FA (24) Robert Collis, HIST, HUM/SS (25)
Olga Lazareva, PSY, NS (24)  Deb Cronin, PSY, NS (25)
Beth Younger, ENG, HUM/SS (24) Rika Uchida, MUS, FA (25) 
Staff Representative  
Alina Grimm  
Student Representatives  
-AS Senator:   

Arts & Sciences Council Minutes

Arts & Sciences Department Chairs

Tuesdays 2:30-4 p.m. in the MER 232

Fall 2023 Spring 2024
September 5, All January 30, All
September 12, NS February 6, NS 
October 3, All February 27, All 
October 10, FA March 5, FA
October 31, All March 26, All 
November 7, HUM/SS April 2, HUM/SS 
November 21, All  April 30, All 
December 12, All   
Department Chairs   
John Fender- Art and Design Chris Porter and Maryann Huey - Math and Computer Sci
Deb Christensen - Biology James Romain - Music 
John Gitua - Chemistry  Martin Roth - Philosophy & Religion
Sandra Patton-Imani - Sociology and Anthropology  John Gitua, interim chair - Physics and Astronomy 
Lisa West - English  Rachel Paine-Caufield and Kieran Williams - Political Science
Keith Summerville - Environmental Science Chris Kliethermes - Psychology 
Glenn McKnight- History Michael Rothmayer -  Chair Theatre 
Will Garriott- Law, Politics and Society  Chinatsu Sazawa-Bachmann- World Languages and Cultures 
Program Directors   
Marc Busch - Biochemistry, Cell, Molecular Biology  Eric Manley - Data Analytics  
Jeanette Tran - Women's and Gender Studies  Meredith Luttrell - Kinesiology 
Center and Institute Directors   
Brian Gentry- Drake University Science Collaborative Institute Amy Letter - Center for Humanities 

A&S Curriculum Committee

Meetings TBD
New course forms or course change forms for review by Curriculum Committee are due one week prior to each meeting.  

FALL 2022
Curriculum Committee Members
Chair: Eric Saylor, MUS, FA (24)   
Adam Case, MATH/CS, NS (25)

Elizabeth Talbert, SCS, SS (26) 

Jennifer McCrickerd, HUM (24)

Neil Ward, ART, FA (26)

A&S Faculty Cabinet

Meetings via TBD on the 1st Friday of the month.

Fall 2023 Spring 2024
September 1 February 2
October 6 March 1
November 2 April 4
December 1 May 3
Faculty Cabinet Members
Debra DeLaet, POLS (24) Chair  
Nate Holdren, LPS, SS (24)

Jennifer McCrickerd, PHIL, HUM (25)

Vincent Kenny, MUS, FA (24)

Michael Renner, ENSS, NS (25)

Promotion and Tenure Committee

Committee Members
Megan Brown, HUM/SS (24) Adina Kilpatrick, NS (25) 
Ann Cravero, FA (24) Maura Lyons, FA (25)
Muir Eaton, NS (24) Mary McCarthy, HUM/SS (25) 

Faculty Senate

Divisional Representatives  
Hector Aguero, FA (24) Faber McAlister, HUM (25)
Will Garriott, SS (24) Nicholas Roth, FA (25)
Melisa Klimaszewski, HUM (24) 

Jill Allen, NS (25)

Greg Lengel, NS (24) Deb DeLaet, SS (25)
   Olga Lazareva, NS (25)

Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule

Academic Integrity Committee

Chair: Olga Lazareva (24)  
Faculty Representatives  Faculty Alternates 
Colin Cairns, NS (24)

Amy Letter, ENG, HUM (25)

John Pomeroy, MUS, FA (25) 

Maureen Yuen, MUS, FA (24)

Mary McCarthy, IR, SS (25) 

Andrew Becklin, MATH, NS (25)

Glenn McKnight, HUM (24) Sandi Patton, SOC, SS (24)
Student Representatives   
HUM/SS: Alex Chavez   
NS: Kanik Gutierrez  
FA: Kurtis Nethington  


Technology Planning Committee

Committee Members
Chair: Dian Nostikasari, ENSS, NS (25)

Athan Petridis, PHY, NS (26)

Andrew Classen, MUS, FA (24) Clayton Mitchell, ex-officio

Eduardo Garcia Villada, WLC, HUM/SS (25)

Heidi Sleister, ex-officio

Diversity Committee

Faculty and Staff Representatives
Ali Malik, LPS, SS (24) Chair   
Maura Lyons, ART, FA (24) Jacob Lemons, Staff (24)
Jill Allen, PSY, NS (24)  Will Hatchet, Staff (24) 

Chinatsu Sazawa, WLC, HUM/SS (25)

Student Representatives 
Erin Horst, SCS-at large (24) Kenki Sazawa Bachmann 
Vira Babenko, MATH-at large (25) Marra Schindler  

Pre-Medical Advisory Committee

Committee Members
Gholam Mirafzal, CHEM, Chair Alisa Drapeaux, HSCI, Co-Chair
Adina Kilpatrick, PHY Marc Busch, BIO 
Cassity Gutierrez, PHARM Debora Christensen, BIO 

A&S Calendar 
A&S News