Meredith Hall Revitalization

Total Project Cost:  $12,540,806
Funding: The project is made possible through donor gifts and over $3 million in funding from the State Historical Preservation Office*.
Construction Duration:  Summer 2022 – Summer 2023
Date of Occupancy: August 2023
Square Footage: 67,519 SF

Learn more about the revitalization through OnCampus updates here

The Meredith Hall revitalization includes significant infrastructure updates, new sustainable features, and enriched teaching and learning opportunities while remaining true to the original vision of famed architect Mies van der Rohe.

Sustainable Features

  • Green Globes Certification for Renovated Existing buildings.
  • Solar (photo-voltaic) array installed on the roof. The solar array is anticipated to produce more electricity than the building needs. 
  • New LED light fixtures throughout. The light fixture dimension and lens texture was selected to match the original fixtures.  LED lighting will provide a more daylight-feel in each space.
  • New high efficiency heating and cooling system, anticipated to reduce the overall utility and operational costs of the building.
  • Addition of automated controls for more energy efficient operations.


Meredith Hall will look largely as before; refreshed with the updates below.

  • The full exterior repainted to match the original Mies van der Rohe “black”.
  • The windows are not replaced as part of the project and will be replaced as a maintenance item in the future, as needed.
  • Courtyard Improvements
    • Removal, cleaning and reinstallation of existing paver system over top of an additional drainage system.
    • Removal of existing landscaping and replaced with new landscaping.
    • New courtyard furniture to match Mies van der Rohe original intent of furnishings from the Knoll 1965 collection.
  • New exterior doors throughout including new key card readers.
  • All new roofing system including insulation, roof membrane, and roof flashing.


  • Existing flooring remains in most areas.
  • The walls are largely the same with repairs, as needed, to preserve the historic appearance.
  • New ceiling systems throughout the building to support new, enhanced air distribution. This supports HVAC system and technology needs while matching the existing ceiling system per SHPO guidelines.
  • New roll shades on all perimeter windows.
  • Room 232: removed existing outdated raised flooring system and installed new carpet and new furniture.
  • Classrooms have new, interior locks.
  • Auditorium Seating Refresh (101 and 106)
    • Shipped all of the original wood backs and seats to the original manufacturer in Chicago for restoration and refinish.
    • With historical research confirming intent of the original design, and SHPO’s guidance on color selection, a cushion was added for comfort to every auditorium seat.
    • Existing seating bases restored and reused.
    • ADA seating is now built into the existing risers of both auditoriums.
  • The majority of the furniture in the hallways will be existing furniture from prior use, with the exception of furniture not up to standards.
  • Drinking Fountains
    • New bottle-filler drinking fountains installed. Existing fountains preserved in-place to meet SHPO requirements. 
  • New ADA Single User Restrooms
    • Added two, new single-user gender inclusive restrooms; located on the first floor for ease of access during events held in the auditoriums.
  • Wellness Room
    • Added a new wellness room in the lower level of the building adjacent to the collaboration area.
  • New Student Collaboration Space
    • Opened the corridor space in the lower level at the entrance of the Film Room for student workspace.
  • New Film Room (lower level)
    • Removed four existing offices to create a new Film Viewing Room.
    • Salvaged and restored Varsity Theater seating for use in this space.
  • Student Zip Spaces
    • Converted four previous office spaces on the second floor to student zip spaces.
    • Zip spaces include worktables, markerboards, and soft lounge furniture to support varied uses.
    • Installation of new room reservation system that allows students to reserve the zip space. The rooms have a digital display at each door showing open times.  The spaces can be reserved on the spot, or in advance.
  • Room 104 will remain as the primary space housing Bright College.
  • Faculty / Staff Offices will receive all new furniture including stand/sit electric workstations, under-counter mobile storage unit, side table, and two chairs.


  • New CAT6A cabling throughout the building.
  • All new Wi-Fi with nearly double the strength as the previous system.
  • All new projector screens and relocated video projectors in all nineteen (19) classrooms and two (2) lecture halls. SHPO requires all projector screens to be recessed in the new ceiling (Existing screens were surface mounted). Recessed screens could only be located at the perimeter of the room and in limited areas at the perimeter to allow space for the other above ceiling systems.
  • Detailed information on the set-up of each classroom can be found here
  • Improved audio experience in all classrooms and lecture halls. There are new speakers in the ceiling connected to room audio, dispersed throughout the classroom.
  • Room 232 is enabled as a HyFlex room giving faculty the ability to teach in-person and remote students simultaneously.

* The State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO) has dictated a four-step process to restore Meredith Hall.  By doing so, this supports $3 million in funding.  SHPO requirements need to be followed entirely to receive the funding.