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Business Law

What can you do with a Business Law Degree?

Business has always been intertwined with the law and legal regulations, but today almost every decision a business makes will have a legal implication. Today's successful business leaders must understand how to integrate legal considerations into their business planning and operations. 

Drake's undergraduate major in Business Law emphasizes the fundamentals of business and gives students a sound understanding of the key legal topics that directly impact business today -- contracts, torts, insurance, the laws concerning the formation of an LLC or a corporation, and federal income tax. First year students will enter directly into Drake's Zimpleman College of Business and immediately take courses that are designed to introduce them to the major functions of a business. Courses in business law begin in the second year and emphasize a systematic framework for analyzing statutes, regulations, case law, contracts, and policy. Students will learn how to structure agreements and business relationships to maximize business opportunities while simultaneously minimizing legal risk. Coursework will focus on the practical application of the law and students will develop crucial skills to think critically, spot issues, analyze complex problems, and communicate effectively. 

The Business Law major serves as an excellent foundation for law school, but it also opens the door to many exciting careers that do not require a law degree. Students that do not choose to pursue a juris doctorate can utilize their business and legal knowledge in positions such as:

  • Benefits Administrator 
  • Compliance Manager
  • Commercial Developer
  • Contracts Administrator 
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist
  • Health Administrator
  • Insurance Agent/Investigator
  • Legal Technology Consultant 
  • Lobbyist 
  • Occupational Safety Manager
  • Policy Analyst 
  • Property and Real Estate Manager


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