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NAC Guidelines


The Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences established a Pharmacy and Health Sciences National Advisory Council in order to ensure appropriate input to the pharmacy program from a variety of professionals in pharmacy and related fields. Features of Council membership and Council activities are as follows:

  1. Council Membership
    • Members are normally invited to serve based upon recognized professional achievement.
    • A majority of members will be alumni of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.
    • Members are appointed for a three-year term, renewable once for a second three-year term. There would be a period of one year off the Council before they could be eligible for reappointment. In order for term appointments to be staggered, one third of initial appointments will be for one year, one-third will be for two years, and one-third will be for three years, randomly selected. Whether initially appointed for one, two, or three years, all members will be eligible for a second three-year term.
    • Members will be expected to support the annual fund of the College.
    • Members will be expected to attend at least one meeting per year.
    • The faculty of the College will elect a faculty representative to the Council.
  2. Council Activities
    • The Council will meet on the Drake Campus twice each year and other times as needed.
    • The Council will elect its own Chair and Vice-Chair.  Each position shall be held for a three year term, renewable once.
    • The College will provide secretarial services for purposes of meeting minutes, distribution of materials, maintenance of records, and communications.
    • Committees may be established by the Council for attention to special needs.
    • The Council will rely on the College to identify areas of needed input but may develop its own agenda in areas where members feel College attention is needed.
    • The Council will meet with College administrators and other College personnel appropriate to the topics under discussion.
    • The College will cover all on-campus expenses of Council activities.  Members will support their own travel expenses to meetings.


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