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The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences students and graduates actively seek opportunities to better their communities, their patients, their professions, and themselves.

Enhancing their knowledge through education and practical experience, they know that science is enriched by a human perspective.  The College is focused on demonstrating skilled expertise along with compassion in their interactions with every patient and client in their pursuit of better. It is nothing short of remarkable.

Program Outcomes

Athletic Training (MAT) Program Outcomes

Occupational Therapy (OTD) Program Outcomes

Pharmacy Program (PharmD) Outcomes

A Message from the Dean

Whether you are a future student, potential faculty member, alum looking to connect, or professional partner, welcome to our virtual community!

I have no doubt that you will find this community to be one that exhibits our values of collegiality, professionalism, collaboration, entrepreneurial leadership, innovation, and learner-centered en route to accomplishing our vision to be a "diverse community of learners leading the way to a healthy world". Even though I have been a member of this community for several years, I continue to be amazed each day with the passion and dedication that the faculty, staff, students, alumni and our many partners bring to this vision and our values.

The result? As a graduate w‌ho has combined liberal arts education along with professional preparation, you will be prepared for success and leadership in professional fields that offer enormous opportunity and have a tremendous impact on people’s lives. You will also find many opportunities to gain practical experience through exposure to hands-on practice settings around the world and a variety of experiences and opportunites such as pursuing research projects with professors, completing unique internships, and taking on leaderhip roles that prepare you for future success. Our curricula provide the rigor for you to succeed in your future career, while providing the flexibility and opportunities for you to add value to your degree through our combined degree programs, minors, and concentrations. You'll be able to participate in a variety of leadership and other co-curricular experiences that prepare you for future leadership roles and responsibilites. You won't just obtain a job, you'll be able to pursue a career that you are passionate about!

  • As a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) student, you can particpate in a variety of experiences not only in Des Moines, but throughout the country and the world. You can participate in high quality experiential sites that prepare you for your career. You can join our graduates who have enjoyed an accomplishment rate of nearly 100 percent since 1984 with a high percentage of graduates entering competitive residency and other post-graduate positions. You can be part of a program has a strong reputation across the country as we are ranked fourth among private schools by the US News & World Report.
  • As a Health Sciences student, you can prepare for a career in areas as diverse as medicine, practice management, public health, pharmaceutical research, or health insurance administration. You will receive the scientific foundations as well as background in health care issues to be well prepared to pursue graduate study to become a physician, physical therapist, physician’s assistant, or other health care professional.
  • As a Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) student, you can participate in an accelerated year-round program that provides course work and experiences that prepares you to help patients live their lives to the fullest.
  • As an Master in Athletic Training student, you can prepare for a variety of careers as you work with Division I student-athletes and pursue a variety of minors and concentrations in a curriculum that allows for the obtainment of a Bachelor and Master degrees in a shorter amount of time than if the degrees were obtained separately.
  • As a Master of Science in Health Informatics and Analytics student, you will use biomedical data, information, and knowledge to improve health care in transforming an in-demand industry.  You will help providers assess and treat patients more effectively. When applied to public health, your use of informatics and analytics will improve decision-making and the monitoring of diseases.
  • As a Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology student, you will receive advanced training and education in the field of clinical psychopharmacology to enhance your ability to provide evidence-based, patient-centered care to individuals with mental health conditions. We are committed to developing psychologists who are skilled in pharmacological assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning and who possess the knowledge and expertise to collaborate effectively with other healthcare professionals.

Whichever program you choose to pursue, you will find excellent and accessible faculty ready to guide you toward success. You will have the opportunity to learn from them in the classroom or through individual assistance, gain advice on career pathways, participate with them in their research projects, and provide professional and community service together. And the connections don't end with graduation. We are proud of our alumni and the network that has developed through their giving back to our programs. Our alumni have found that whatever path they choose to pursue, they are recognized for their commitment to advancing their practices, supporting their community, and advocating for their patients and profession. 

Welcome to our community!

Chuck Phillips
Interim Dean

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