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Minors and Concentrations

A minor or concentration can expand your career possibilities and make you a more well-rounded professional. Those that are of interest to students in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and are frequently declared include:


CPHS students often find Business and Entrepreneurship minors complement their studies. Business acumen and an entrepreneurial mindset equip you for a variety of careers in health care, including running your own pharmacy or health care practice.


Interested in improving health care in your community and the world? The Global and Comparative Public Health Concentration may be a great fit. Many CPHS students also pursue the Leadership Education and Development concentration to gain the skills needed to lead in the ever-changing world of health care.

A complete listing of minors and concentrations at Drake is available here.

To declare a minor or concentration, please complete the Change of Record Form found in Self-Service --> Student Services & Financial Aid --> Student Records --> Change of Record.

Opportunities in World Languages and Cultures

“Studying Latin American Health Care Systems in Costa Rica during the summer opened my eyes as a health care practitioner to the diversity in health care systems. I was able to witness how different countries identify problems and find solutions on a local, national and global level. This experience has expanded my view on health care policy beyond the United States and made me aware of issues faced by countries throughout the world.”  ~Alexis Schrieber  PH'18


Minors: Offered in six languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. A language minor offers students the opportunity to gain competency in their language speaking abilities and understanding of that culture. [22 credit hours]

Latin American Studies Minor: This is a multidisciplinary program that offers students who have studied Spanish the opportunity to add a regional focus to their studies. [19 credit hours]

East Asian Studies: The minor in East Asian Studies provides opportunities for students to develop in-depth knowledge about China and Japan from multiple discplinary perspectives and prepares students for future life and work in the region. [22 credit hours]

Individualized Major and Minors: Students have options to create an individualized major or minor to customize their education at Drake University.

Study Abroad Options: Our Assistant Director and Education Abroad Advisor,, works with students with many different schedules and requests. Students can often find good options to study abroad during fall/spring semesters, the summer, or J-term. Study abroad opportunities with a healthcare emphasis are also available.

For more infromation: Contact Dr. Pinheiro-Cadd, Director of World Languages and Cultures,

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