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Areas of Inquiry

Below are brief descriptions and approved course lists for each Area of Inquiry. Note that no double counting of courses across Areas of Inquiry is permitted. In other words, even if a given course is listed under more than one Area of Inquiry (as some are), that course may be counted only once, toward one of the Areas where it appears, but not toward more than one.

Note that Area of Inquiry requirements may only be fulfilled through courses or other experiences (e.g., independent study, AP credits, CLEP tests, etc.) that carry college-level credit. Ordinarily, AOI requirements must be fulfilled by taking a course appearing on the approved course list for that relevant area. With advisor approval, however, students may count appropriate courses falling into one of the following categories toward an AOI requirement: honors courses, independent study courses, special topics courses, and transfer courses. In such cases, the purposes and objectives of the advisor-approved course must substantially coincide with the objectives of the relevant Area of Inquiry.

According to the Undergraduate General Catalog Academic Regulations, each Drake Curriculum AOI course must be taken for a grade (rather than Credit/No Credit).

Descriptions and Course Lists

Links to AOI descriptions and approved course lists:

To view the complete AOI list in one location, click here.

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