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Honors Program Track

As an alternative to the Areas of Inquiry requirements, students may fulfill the Drake Curriculum by completing the requirements of the Honors Program Track listed below. Students may declare the Honors Program Track by completing a form online at

Students pursuing the Honors Program Track must still take a First Year Seminar and a Senior Capstone. Note that students who later decide to drop the Honors Program Track must complete the Areas of Inquiry requirements (Honors courses already taken may be counted toward appropriate Areas of Inquiry with advisor approval). Please consult with your academic advisor before switching to the Honors Program Track. Completion of the Honors Program Track in the Drake Curriculum is not sufficient to fulfill the requirements of the Honors Program (leading to a designation of "University Honors" on a student's final transcript). To complete the Honors Program, students must complete the Honors Program Track plus the following: successfully complete a Senior Honors Thesis and maintain an overall 3.2 GPA. Honors Program Track Requirements:

One laboratory science course from AOI lists for either Physical or Life Sciences.

One course from AOI list for Quantitative Literacy.

One course from AOI list for Artistic Experience.

HONR100: Paths to Knowledge (4 credit class).

15 additional credits in Honors.


For more information about the Honors Program, go to the Honors Program Web Page.

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