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Equity & Inclusion Requirement


All students are required to take a course that achieves stated Equity and Inclusion learning outcomes. They can fulfill this by taking an existing AOI course that meets these outcomes, or through a course in their major, minor, or concentration that meets them.

Students in Equity & Inclusion courses will be able to:

  1. Analyze the effects of race, gender, class, LGBTQ+ status, and other identity categories, and the ways in which these categories are perceived and judged, on U.S. socioeconomic and political systems, such as government, law, health care, public education, administration of natural resources, and business.
  2. Reflect critically on their own positions within local, institutional, and national contexts, including the ways in which these positions may be privileged, maligned, or excluded within these systems.

Approved Course List:

ENG 66 Reading Race & Ethnicity
ENG 88 Reading & Writing About Social Class
IS 172 Exploring the Silicon Prairie
MGMT 110 Organizational Behavior
POLS 125/HONR 138 Transnational Justice
POLS 133 Case Studies in Comparative & Transnational
Human Rights
POLS 136 Racial Justice & Human Rights in the US 
After WWII
POLS 173 Human Rights & World Politics
POLS 174 Global Migration
POLS 177/HONR 109 Gender & War
PSY 135 Psychology of Prejudice
SCSR 134 TV Tropes
WGS 075 Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies
WLC 148 Intercultural Communication


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