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Artistic Experience

Drake students will learn to interpret and/or create art. Art constructs an essential and ongoing dialogue among individuals, cultures, and societies. Art—whether it takes visual, musical, or theatrical form—grows out of sustained intellectual inquiry. Drake students will recognize that art provides distinctive ways to engage the world and create expressions of the human condition. Courses that fulfill this AOI will engage students to achieve at least two of these student learning outcomes. Students will be able to:

  1. Identify the characteristics of different artistic styles - visual, musical, or theatrical - and the factors that contributed to their establishment.
  2. Articulate the role played by an art form - visual, musical, or theatrical - in the development of culture(s) or as a distinctive expression of human identity and creativity.
  3. Articulate an analytical and reasoned understanding of a specific visual, musical, or theatrical art form and communicate this understanding in an appropriate form, whether oral or written or through the artistic medium itself.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of the visual, musical, or theatrical arts through the application of or engagement with an art form.
Approved Course List:

ART 013 Design
ART 014 Constructing Space
ART 015 Observational Drawing
ART 019 Microcosm, Macrocosm
ART 021 Digital Media
ART 050 Idea of Design
ART 060 Walking: Making Art Out There (occasional, summer term)
ART 063 Pushing Paint
ART 070 Art & Chemistry
ART 071 Blacksmithing and the Art of Utility
ART 072 Contemporary Textile and Fiber Arts
ART 074 Intro to Art
ART 075 Themes in Art History
ART 078 Repurpose and Recycle
ART 079 Building Ideas
ART 081 Forging the Imagination
ART 090 Drawing in Time
ART 099 Planets: An Art Studio
ART 103 Art of India, China and Japan
ART 108 American Art History
ART 111 Cultural Intersections C. 1900
ART 112 Special Topics in Art History
ART 112 Race, Personhood and Citizenship: Building an Exhibition
ART 113 Current Chinese Art & Issues
ART 118 American Landscapes
ART 119 The Material World of Art
ART 145 Drawing the Figure
ART 145 Soft Sculpture
ART 153 Bookbinding Workshop
ART 167 Introduction to Letterpress Printing
ART 177 Art & Perception
ART 185/HONR 185 Monuments and Memory
BIO 061 Nature Photography
CHEM070/ART 070: Art and Chemistry
EDUC 113 Arts Integration in Education
ENG 041 Introduction to Film Study
ENG 134: Transatlantic Landscapes: Art & Literature in Britain & America, 1750-1850. (previously ENG 130 - 10.08.18)
HONR087 Music and Literature
JMC 058 Into to Visual Communication for Non-Majors
JMC 059 Intro to Visual Communication
MUS 011 Fundamentals of Music
MUS 073 Music Since 1900
MUS 078 Intro to Jazz
MUS 080 Music in Western Culture
MUS 081 World Music
MUS 082 World Music (for non-music majors)


MUS 119 Music and Politics
MUS 160 Music Through Play
MUS 160 Music and the Great War
MUS 160 Kind of Blue-Miles Davis
MUS 160 Recording and Producing the Virtual Ensemble
MUS 160 Suicide, Seduction, & Sopranos: a Survey of the Great Operas
MUS 160 Fine Arts Travel Seminar: Home of the Masters
MUS 160 Music of the Movies
PHIL 148 Philosophy of Art
POLS 109 US-Japan Relations Through Film
SCSR106/HONR062 Aesthetics of Everyday Life
SCSR108 Imaging the City
SCSR 148 Suburbia in Contemporary American Film
SPAN 152 Spanish Film
THEA 005 Readings in Theatre
THEA 018 Beginning Modern Dance
THEA 030/030L Stagecraft I (Fall 2006 to present)
THEA 032 Stage Makeup
THEA 074 Contemporary Film
THEA 076 Intro to Theatre
THEA 114 Classic American Film
THEA 120 Theatre History to 1600
THEA 120 Theatre History I
THEA 121 Theatre History II
THEA 123 American Musical Theatre
AP - Art
AP - Music Lit
AP - Humanities and Fine Arts Subtest

The Artistic Experience area can also be fulfilled
by combining any three of the following one credit courses:

MUS 145, 148, 149, 150, 169-182, 185-191, 194,196, 197, 198

Note: Courses previously designated FA 18, 74, 76, 78, 80 and 81 have changed to Thea 018, Art 074, Thea 076, Mus 078, Mus 080 and Mus 081.

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