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Global and Cultural Understanding

Through understanding the interaction of knowledge, awareness, and cultural responsibility, Drake students will pursue the ideal wherein all persons have value and a voice. They will learn to examine aspects of society in relation to nationality, race, ethnicity, gender or culture, including the interactive nature of relations among people who differ according to these categories. Courses that fulfill this AOI will engage students to achieve all four of these learning outcomes. Students will be able to:
1. Interpret intercultural issues from diverse perspectives and reflect critically on the self and others to demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of cultural issues in local, national, and global contexts.
2. Explore the elements that create diversity and explain their impact on the development of a culture or interaction  between cultures in the context of complex systems of exclusion and privilege.
3. Identify and analyze how institutions adjust in response to struggles among members of diverse societies and how they address their needs.
4. Reflect on the their own cultural biases and consider the skills, knowledge, collective efforts necessary to help foster inter-cultural communication, respect, and understanding.

Approved Course List:

ARAB 002 Beginning Arabic II (effective Spring 2011)
ARAB 052 Intermediate Arabic II (effective Spring 2011)
ART 112/PHIL 151/HONR 112: Chinese Philosophy to Contemporary Art
ART 113 Current Chinese Art and Issues
BIO 092 Ethnobotony
BIO 111 Evolved Foodways
BUS 067/HIST 067 Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
BUS 070 International Business
BUS 098: Italy in the Global Economy
CHIN 002 Beginning Chinese II (effective Spring 2011)
CHIN 052 Intermediate Chinese II (effective Spring 2011)
COUN 145/245 Understanding Diverse Populations
ECON 135 Developing Economies
EDUC 164 Perspectives on Race, Ethnicity and Gender
EDUC199/HONR194 Kosovo: Repairing and Rebuilding
EDUC199: Cuba: Stewardship and Socialism
EDUC 199 Cyprus: Centuries of Globalization
EDUC 199/MSLD 252 Global and Team Leadership
EDUC 199/299 Perspectives on Education from Finland
EDUC 199/299: Service-learning in the Cultural Context of South Africa
ENG 020 Literature and Culture
ENG 066 Reading Race and Ethnicity
ENG 123 Advanced Topics: Northern England and Scotland
ENG 130 Studies in Literary Genre: Murder, mystery, and the Gothic in England (J-Term Only)
ENG 158 Literature of South Africa
ENG 163 Transcultural Literature
ENG 164/ WS 111 Latino/A Literature
ENG 165 Postcolonial Literature
ENSP 111 International Environmental Seminar
FREN 002 Beginning French II (effective Spring 2011)
FREN 052 Intermediate French II (effective Spring 2011)
FREN 151 National Identity in a Transnational Age
FREN 152 French Film
FREN 160 French Language and Literature
GERM 002 Beginning German II(effective Spring 2011)
GERM 052 Intermediate German II (effective Spring 2011)
GERM 151 National Identity in a Transnational Age
GERM 152 German Film
GERM 160 German Language and Literature
HIST 021 East Asian History to 1600
HIST 022 East Asian History Since 1600
HIST 041 Ancient Greece
HIST 042 Ancient Rome
HIST 060 Africa in World History
HIST 061 The Rise & Demise of Colonialism in Africa
HIST 067/BUS 067 Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
HIST 099 Women in European History
HIST 115 From Contact to Removal: American Indian History, 1492-1840
HIST 123 Modern Mexico
HIST 124 Aztecs, Incas, Mayas
HIST 125 Colonial Latin America
HIST 126 Modern Latin America
HIST 129 Modern China
HIST 128 Revolutions in 20th Century Asia
HIST 133 Nineteenth-Century Europe
HIST 134 Contemporary Europe
HIST 135 History of Imperial Russia
HIST 136 Old Regime French Revolution
HIST 137 France Since 1799
HIST 138 History of the Soviet Union
HIST 152 European Enlightenment
HIST 153 Chinese Communist Revolution
HIST 157 Sex & Power in Peasant Societies
HIST 159 American Women's History to 1850
HIST 161 Africa, Africans & Atlantic Slavery
HIST 166 The Woman Intellectual in the West
HIST 176 Nationalism in Modern European History
HSCI 106: Culture Care and Health Literacy
HSCI147: International Health Topics (J-term)
INTD 040 Introduction to American Culture
INTD085 Developing Democracy
INTD 150 Leading With Emotional Intelligence
JAPN 002 Beginning Japanese II (effective Spring 2011)
JAPN 052 Intermediate Japanese II (effective Spring 2011)
JMC 133 International Advertising Study Seminar
JMC199/ACTS198: Families, Lifestyles and the Annuity Tables
LEAD 110 Leadership at Sea
MKTG 170 Global Marketing
MUS 081 World Music
MUS 082 World Music (for non-music majors)
PHIL103/REL 103: Philosophy and Religion in China
PHIL/REL 121: Comparative Religion
POLS 065 Comparative Politics
POLS 075 World Politics
POLS 120 Globalization
POLS 120 Public Health in Botswana (a Summer Travel Course)
POLS 121 The United Nations and Global Society
POLS 128 Nationalism/Politics Eastern Europe
POLS 129 Transitions to Democracy
POLS131: Searching for the Chinese Dream
POLS 133 The Middle East Through Films
POLS 134/HIST 146/HONR 069: History, Politics, and Society of Modern Egypt
POLS 135/HONR 075: Islam in the 21st Century
POLS 160 Modern European Political Systems
POLS 164 Government and Politics in Latin America
POLS 165 Government and Politics of Developing Nations
POLS 168 Politics and Parliaments
POLS 171 European Integration
PSY 134 Ethnopolitical Conflict and Peacemaking
PSY 135: Psychology and Prejudice
PSY 194/SCSS 196/SCS 196 The "Middle Kingdom" in a Global World: Considering Family, Self, and Nation in a Changing China
REL 003 Introduction to World Religions
REL 062 Religions of India
REL 064 Introduction to Buddhism
REL 111 Religions of Des Moines
REL 118 Race, Religion and Civic Culture
REL 130 The Global Bible
REL 151/SCSA 196 Religions of Africa
RUSS 002 Beginning Russian II (effective Spring 2011)
RUSS 052 Intermediate Russian II (effective Spring 2011)
SCSA 002 Intro to Cultural Anthropology (previously Anthropology 002)
SCSA 093 Representing Cultural Difference (previously Anthropology 093)
SCSA 101/WS 175 Feminist Anthropology (previously Anthropology 101)
SCSA 117 Native America (previously Anthropology 117)
SCSA 196: Social Life and Social Space in Spain
SCSG 002 Human Geography (previously Geography 002)
SCSG 003 World Regional Geography (previously Geography 003)
SCSG 122 Cultural Geography (previously Geography 122)
SCSG 132 Europe (previously Geography 132)
SCSG 134 Africa (previously Geography 134)
SCSG 135 Asia (previously Geography 135)
SCSG 176 South Asia (previously Geography 176)
SCSR079: Home: Dwelling and Belonging
SCSR 114 Rhetoric of Race (previously Rhetoric 114)
SCSR 126 Rhetoric of Identity and Culture
SCSR180/HONR152 Postcolonial Rhetorics
SCSS 020 Introduction to Race and Ethnicity
SCSS 072 Global Social Change
SCSS 130 Contemporary Chinese Society (previously Sociology 130)
SCSS 138 Global Reproductive Politics
SCSS 161 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (previously Sociology 161)
SCSS 167 Sociology of the African-American Experience (previously Soc 167)
SCSS 173 Global Citizenship
SCSS 196/SCS 196/PSY 194 The "Middle Kingdom" in a Global World: Considering Family, Self, and Nation in a Changing China
SPAN 002 Beginning Spanish II(effective Spring 2011)
SPAN 052 Intermediate Spanish II (effective Spring 2011)
SPAN 151 National Identity in a Transnational Age
SPAN 152 Spanish Film
SPAN 160 Spanish Language and Literature
WGS146/LEAD120 Many Women, Many Leaders
WLC 002 American Sign Language
WLC 070 American Sign Language: Deaf Culture
WLC 148 Intercultural Communication(formerly DILS 148)
WLC150: Learning about Immigrants
WS 001/ENG 075/SCSS 075 Intro to Women's Studies
AP - French Lit
AP - German Lit
AP - Spanish Lit
IB - European History Higher Level
IB - European History Subsidiary
IB - Geography Higher Level
IB - Geography Subsidiary

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