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Historical Foundations

Historical Foundations: Drake Students will gain greater understanding of the historical foundations of the modern world and the interconnections of global cultures. Two courses are required in this area of inquiry. Students will use historical analyses to study the interplay of multiple forces of change over time. Courses that count for this AOI will engage students to achieve at least two of these student learning outcomes. Students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the interplay of the fundamental historical forces (political, social, economic, cultural, scientific, and/or technological) that have shaped the contemporary world.
  2. Describe the historical processes that have contributed significantly to global change.
  3. Articulate an understanding of the histories of societies and cultures necessary to participate in an analysis of critical civic and global issues.
  4. Demonstrate critical reasoning skills necessary to analyze the lived realities of power and wealth differentials between industrialized and developing areas of the world.
  5. Reflect upon the nature of history itself as a product influenced by a nexus of forces, interests, and understandings, and on their own place within that historical context.
Approved Course List:

ACTS 198/MATH195 Risky Business
ART 075 Survey of Art History I
ART 076 Survey of Art History II
ART 103 Art of India,  and Japan
ART 104 Christian Art
ART 105 Italian Renaissance
ART 106 17th and 18th Century Art
ART 107 19th Century Art
ART 108 American Art History
ART 109 Modern Art History
ART 110 Art Since 1945
ART 112 Selected Topics
ART 112 Museums
ART 118 American Landscapes
COUN145/245: Counseling Diverse Populations
ECON 131: China's Economy
EDUC199: Cuba: Stewardship and Socialism
EDUC 199 Cyprus: Centuries of Globalization
EDUC 199/MSLD 252 Global and Team Leadership
ENG 40 Renaissance Women
ENG 063 American Writing Since 1960
ENG 104 History of the English Language
ENG 124 Emergence of Mass Culture
ENG 126 Film History
ENG 130 Studies in Literary Genre: Murder, mystery, and the Gothic in England (J-Term Only)
ENG 146 19th Century British Lit
ENG 147 Twentieth Century British Literature
ENG 151 Colonial American Literature: Salem Witch Trials
ENG 152 19th Century American Literature
ENG 155 20th Century American Literature
ENG 166 Literature of War
HIST 001 Passages to the Modern World, 1500-1750
HIST 002 Passages to the Modern World, 1750 to Present
HIST 005 World Environmental History
HIST 015 Introductory Topics in History
HIST 021 East Asian History to 1600
HIST 022 East Asian History since 1600
HIST 041 Ancient Greece
HIST 042 Ancient Rome
HIST 060 Africa in World History
HIST 061 The Rise and Demise of Colonialism in Africa
HIST 071 Exploring US History Through Film
HIST 075 US History to 1877
HIST 076 US History 1877 to Present
HIST 079 The Cold War Through Film
HIST 099/WS 130 Women in European History
HIST 105 Midwestern History
HIST 113 America as a World Power
HIST 114 The US from 1933 to Present
HIST 123 Modern Mexico
HIST 124 Aztecs, Incas and Mayas
HIST 125 Colonial Latin America
HIST 126 Modern Latin America
HIST 129 Modern China
HIST 128 Revolutions in 20th Century Asia
HIST 133 Nineteenth Century Europe
HIST 134 Contemporary Europe

HIST 135 History of the Soviet Union
HIST 136 The Old Regime and the French Revolution
HIST 137 France since 1799
HIST 138 History of the Soviet Union
HIST 139 World War I
HIST 140 Africa’s Colonial Moment
HIST 151 Culture and History: American from the Depression to the McCarthy Era
HIST 152 European Enlightenment
HIST 153 Chinese Communist Revolution
HIST 155 Introduction to Marxism
HIST 156 Sex, Power & War - Aztex Empire
HIST 157 Sex and Power in Peasant Societies
HIST 161 Africa, Africans and Atlantic Slavery
HIST 166 The Women Intellectual in the West
HIST 167 The Religious History of the United States
HIST 169 The US and the Origins of the Cold War
HIST 172 Women and Gender in Early America
HIST 173 Women and Gender in Modern America
HIST 174 Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 175 Slavery and Emancipation
HIST 176 Nationalism in Modern European History
HIST 189 US-Mexico Borderlands
HIST 194 Special Topics
INTD 085 Developing Democracy
IS 172 Exploring the Silicon Prairie (J-term on-campus)
JMC 99/INTD 99  - Holocaust and Heritage
LIBR 127 Research Women
MATH 157 History of Mathematics
MILS 005 American Military History
MUS 085 Music History I
MUS 160 Music and the Great War
POLS 109  War, Memory, and Political Activism
POLS 136 Racial Justice and Human Rights in the U.S. after WWII
POLS 172 Japan & the World: War & Memory
PSY 151 History and Systems of Psychology
REL 053 Life and Teachings of Jesus
REL 062 Religions of India
REL 151 Apocalyptic America in Film and Culture (effective 2/2016)
SCSR 110 History of American Public Address
(previously Rhetoric 110)
SCSR 150 Plato and Aristotle
(previously Rhetoric 150)
SCSS 122  Making Families Public
SCSS 130 Contemporary Chinese Society
(previously Sociology 130)
SCSS 157 Sociology of the Sixties
SPAN 153: Maya Culture & Society
STEM199/HONR136: The History of Biology in France and England
THEA 120 Theatre History I
THEA 121 Theatre History II
THEA 123 American Musical Theatre
AP - American History
AP - European History
IB - American History Higher Level
IB - American History Subsidiary
IB - European History Higher Level
IB - European History Subsidiary

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