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Information Literacy

Information Literacy: Drake students will learn to acquire, analyze, interpret, and integrate information, employing appropriate technology to assist with these processes, and to understand the social and ethical implications of information use and misuse. Drake students will use appropriate sources, including library and internet resources, to process and evaluate information. Students will gain an understanding of the social and ethical issues encountered in a networked world, an ability to assess the quality of information, and learn appropriate ways to reference information sources. Students will be able to:

  1. Navigate and integrate scholarly resources into their research and reflection.
  2. Articulate the social and ethical implications of information use and misuse.
  3. Evaluate information resources and identify quality resources relevant to the problem or issue investigated.
  4. Select and employ the appropriate method and data for disciplinary research, problem-based learning, experiential-based research, and/or reflective/integrative coursework.
  5. Articulate the basic implications of information use and misuse related to issues of academic honesty and plagiarism and pursue their educational goals with a high level of academic integrity.
Approved Course List:

ACCT 166 Financial Accounting II
ACTS 170 Stat Modeling/Data Analysis II
ART 112: Special Topics in Art History
CS 010 Preview of Computer Science
CS 065 Introduction to Computer Science
ECON 170 Into to Econometrics
EDUC 109 Educational Technology
ENSP 037 Environmental Case Analysis
FIN 197 Seminar in Finance
HSCI 160 – Survey of Evidence-Based Health Care
HSCI 172 Evaluating Research
JMC 030 Communications in Society
JMC 099 Social Media Strategies
LIBR 042 Information Literacy
LIBR 046 Information Literacy
LIB 052: Secrets of the Vault (J-term 2017)
LIBR 055 Information Literacy and the Walking Dead
LIBR066: Destination Thailand  (J-term 2017)
LIBR 072 What's Up Doc(umentory)?
LIBR 081 Communicating Science
LIBR 085 Science and Democracy: Empower, Collaborate & Advance
LIBR 120 Advanced Research Methods for the Humanities
and Social Sciences
LIBR 127 Research Women
LPS 135 John Grisham: Lessons in Law and Pop Culture
LPS 135 Toxic Torts
MGMT 170 International Management
MKTG 113 Marketing Research
PHAR 144 and 145  Basic Pharmacy Skills and Applications
1 and 2. BOTH are required to fulfill the AOI.
PSY 133 Psychological Assessment
REL 144 Digital Religion
SCSR 060  Media, Culture and Communication
SCSS 157 Sociology of the Sixties
SCSS 163 Global Youth Studies

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