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Quantitative Literacy

Drake students will learn to reason with the symbols and components of mathematical languages as well as effectively use the principles that underlie these operations. Courses that satisfy this requirement will have mathematical reasoning as their principal focus. They may also address questions that engage learners with the world around them and help them to analyze quantitative claims that arise from the study of civic, political, scientific, or social issues. Quantitative literacy courses may be focused on the mathematical needs of a specific discipline or on a specific interdisciplinary issue or problem. These courses will engage students to achieve these student learning outcomes. Students will be able to:

  1. Analyze and present solutions to problems using symbols and components from mathematical languages and their underlying principles.
  2. Identify and execute appropriate mathematical operations for a given question.
  3. Evaluate claims based upon mathematical arguments.
Approved Course List:

BIO 099 Biological Research & Statistical Methods
HSCI 060 Statistics in Health Sciences
MATH 017 The Spirit of Mathematics
MATH 020 College Algebra
MATH 024 Structure of Mathematics for Elementary Education
MATH 025 Structure of Mathematics for Elementary Education II
MATH 028 Business Calculus
MATH 050 Calculus I
MATH 054 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 070 Calculus II
MATH 080 Linear Algebra
MATH 100 Calculus III
PHIL 114 Symbolic Logic
POLS 095 Methods in Politics
PSY 011 Introductory Statistics
STAT 050 Statistics for Social Sciences
STAT 060 Statistics for Life Sciences
STAT 071 Statistics I
STAT 072 Statistics II
AP - Math Calc A&B
AP - Math Calc B&C
AP - Stat
IB - Math Higher Level
IB - Math Subsidiary
CLEP - Calculus Elem Function

As of Fall 2011 we no longer accept credit for these three CLEP tests:
CLEP - College Algebra
CLEP - College Algebra/Trig
CLEP - Trigonometry

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