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Values and Ethics

Drake students will learn to recognize ethical issues and to reflect critically upon the demands of conscience. They will develop as reflective practitioners with an understanding of the larger goals of stewardship inherent in their professional endeavors, and have a sense of obligation that extends to beyond the self. They will develop an understanding of the skills and knowledge necessary to anticipate the consequences of actions as well as an understanding of the dispositions necessary to develop a commitment to ethical conduct. Students will develop the basic tools required to question themselves and others in a responsible manner and to evaluate the ethical implications of both collective and personal choices.

Courses that fulfill this AOI will meet at least two of these student learning outcomes. Students will be able to:

  1. Recognize and reflect critically on ethical issues.
  2. Identify values that underlie human activities.
  3. Articulate ethical issues that arise in their professional or civic life.
  4. Articulate relevant ethical issues and apply them in developing solutions for critical problems and questions.
  5. Articulate a reasoned vision of their own values or core beliefs.
Approved Course List:

BIO 021/PHY 025/PSY 095 Science, Ethics
and Diversity (Spring 2008 to present)
BLAW 060 Business Law
BUS 090 Business Ethics
CS 083 Ethical and Social Issues and Computing
EDUC 103 Foundations of Education
EDUC 174 Safety in Academic Science Labs
EDU 189 Spain and Morocco: Exploring the Intersection of Ethics and Culture
EDUC 198 Educational Equity and Social Justice
ENSP 157 Environmental Justice
HSCI 105 Issues in Health Sciences
HSCI 150: Intro to US Health Care
JMC 104 Communications Law and Ethics
LPS 135: Marijuana: A Case Study in Law and Social Change
PHAR 162 Pharmacy Law & Ethics
PHIL 090 Ethics
PHIL 091 Contemporary Ethical Problems
PHIL 117 Bio-Medical Ethics
PHIL 118 Feminist Ethics
PHIL 137 Rights and Responsibilities


POLS 125 Peacebuilding and Post-Conflict Justice
PHIL151 Business Ethics
POLS 173 Human Rights & World
POLS 175 Human Trafficking
PSY 145 Applied and Professional Ethics in Psychology (previously PSY 195)
REL 140 Ecological Ethics
REL 151 Confucianism and Human Rights
SCSR 112 Rhetoric of War (previously Rhet 112)
SCSR118 Rhetorics of the American Family
SCSR 120 Rhetorics of Gender and Sex
SCSR 145 Public Feelings
SCSS 146/HNRS 146: Restorative Justice
SCSS 071:/ENSP 071: Environmentalism in the U.S.
SCSS 100 Doing Morality (previously Soc 100)
SCSS 164/HONR 157: Feminism, Nature, Matter
SCSS 170 Deviance (previously Soc 170)
SCSS 174 Being and Power: Feminist Theories of Subjectivity (previously Soc 174)
TD 116 Ethics, Leadership and the Game of Thrones

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