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Student Equity Action Partner Program

Student Equity Action Partners advocate for you.

In 2017 Drake started the Equity Action Partner Program to unify diversity efforts across campus and to provide resources in the areas of equity and inclusion in all departments at Drake. In 2018, the program was expanded to include Student Partners. Each Equity Action Partner has gone through extensive training in the areas of equity, inclusion, identity, and diversity. The Partners serve as a resource to faculty, staff, and students and are available for consultation on equity and inclusion issues surrounding hiring, mentoring, personal identity, professional development, campus climate, and interpersonal relationships. Please contact your Equity Action Partner if you have a concern about an equity and inclusion issue, have an idea for how to improve things, or simply want to talk.

What Do Equity Action Partners Do/How Can They Help?

  1. Normalize: Make a habit of acknowledging different viewpoints in everyday conversations, and prioritize letting issues of equity and inclusion influence our standard decision-making processes.
  2. Build: Contribute to building a diverse faculty and student body, whether that be through recruiting individuals with diverse backgrounds to join our campus community or through encouraging the members of our community to be more proactive in learning about the diverse communities of people both on and off Drake University’s campus.
  3. Heal: Act decisively to address the perpetuation of historical injustices as well as interpersonal and campus incidents directly related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  4. Innovate: Continue to develop new ideas and methods to contribute to a better, more equitable campus community as well as anticipate future campus needs and addressing such needs in a proactive rather than reactive fashion.
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