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Writing Center

The Writing Center, located on the lower level of Cowles Library, serves undergraduate, graduate, and law students who need assistance with writing assignments.

Our tutors are trained to help students understand and respond to writing assignments; brainstorm ideas for writing; expand and revise drafts; and resolve problems with organization, argument, sentence structure, paragraphs, word choice, punctuation, and more. The Writing Center is a free service for all Drake University students.

The Writing Workshop can help you with: evaluating your habits of reading and writing; learning new strategies appropriate for a particular writing or reading task; making sense of assignments and assigned reading material; coming up with ideas; revising sentence style; resolving problems with word choice, grammar, etc.; revising organization, argument, viewpoint or perspective; overcoming writer’s block.

Sign up to meet with a tutor: Drake University Writing Center

For questions, please email the University's Director of Writing, Professor Megan Brown, at megan.brown@drake.edu

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