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Program Benefits

Benefits of joining the Supervisory Leadership at Drake.

Learn Key Leadership Competencies
Learn the basics of leadership, expectations of new managers, and key competencies required to successfully transition into a leadership role. Enhance critical thinking, decision-making, and effective problem-solving capabilities.

Develop your Emotional Intelligence
Develop your interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence, influencing your ability to lead motivated team members.

Connect Goals to Outcomes
Increase abilities to connect day-to-day work to broader business objectives, goals, vision, and competitive landscape.

Learn Strategies for Effective Communication
Learn how to improve communication for managing conflict, generating team accountability and communicating change in a constantly changing environment.

Connect with Professionals
Connect with other peer level leaders while developing new strategies under the guidance of top-notch facilitators.

Leadership Coaching
Gain coaching strategies to build team member skillsets, establish team value, increase motivation and inspire an inclusive, result-driven team.

Actionable Leadership Development Plans
Under the guidance of expert facilitators, develop a leadership action plan and business plan to guide growth beyond your Supervisory Leadership experience.

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