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Program Components

Supervisory Leadership is broken into three, 2-day sessions. Highlighting an apply as you learn approach.

The New Leader- First half of program

Explore your leadership style, values, and “Why. The New Leader course provides the resources to evaluate your personal strengths and opportunities as a leader. Personal awareness lays the foundation for building strategies and tactics to improve your leader effectiveness. Our top-notch facilitators guide you through our program sequence expanding your leadership skillset rooted in the latest research and practical experience. Come away with a leadership action plan guiding your professional growth beyond your Supervisory Leadership experience.

Building Effective Teams: Second half of program

Focusing on personal strengths and opportunities, Building Effective Teams will help you discover your leadership brand in creating, building, and coaching a cohesive team. Learn methods and strategies for team development, problem-solving, negotiation and conflict management, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and strategic professional communications. Under the guidance of highly qualified facilitators, you will develop a business plan aligning your personal and team goals with overarching organizational goals.

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September 11, 2024