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Friends of Drake Arts Grants

Procedures for Applying for Funds

Student Grants

The Friends of Drake Arts offer grants of up to $500 per student per school year to create opportunities for fine arts students to expand their Drake experience by positively impacting their ability to collaborate with all areas of the university, connect with partners in the Greater Des Moines community, and travel to capitalize on unique experiences to enhance their fine arts education. Students and faculty are both eligible to apply for funds, but all applications must demonstrate student involvement in the planning process.

2023-2024 Student Grant Guidelines

2023-2024 Student Grant Application

Submission Deadlines:


After each deadline passes, all applications will be reviewed at the next board meeting following the deadline (second Thursday of the month).

: Funding cannot be carried over from one fiscal year to the next (July 1 - June 30). It is strongly recommended the application is completely submitted at least two months BEFORE the dates of the need. There will be no exceptions for retroactive grants (for events that have already occurred before the board is able to meet and vote on the application).

Faculty Grants

2023-2024 Faculty Grant Guidelines

The Friends of Drake Arts provide grants of up to $800 per applicant to enable faculty members to engage in projects or undertake activities that will contribute to their professional advancement as artists and educators. Emphasis is placed on artistic enrichment, with the teaching benefits as corollary.

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