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2022-2023 Honor Roll

Friends of Drake Arts Honor Roll of Donors

This nationwide organization fosters and enriches music, theatre arts and visual arts at Drake University.  Friends of Drake Arts support the future of art by creating an exceptional environment for a new generation of artists, actors and musicians to grow by learning and performing.  Gifts from Friends of Drake Arts have been included in the University’s Drake Fund since 1993.

- Deceased

§ - President’s Circle Member

± - Old Main Member


Carol and Dr. Donald Adams (Carol, '86)§

Dennis and Elke Adams (Dennis, FA'69)

Roy Adolphson (FA'69)

John and Deborah Allender (John, AS'87; Deborah, AS'88)

Drs. Rockford and Megan Anderson (Rockford, PH'06; Megan, PH'07)

Jane A. Andrew§

Tricia and Timothy Atterberg (Tricia, AS'15)

Sherwin Back

Stephen Balderson

Laurence and Suzanne Barkley (Laurence, LA'63)§

Theodore Bartemes and Mary Craven Bartemes (Theodore, AS'14; Mary, AS'14)

Wayne and Delores Bauman (Wayne, LA'74, GR'82)

Aimee Beckmann-Collier

Adam and Aimee Beilgard (Adam, AS'04; Aimee, AS'03)

Annette and Robert Bierkamp (Annette, LA'78, GR'90)

Pastor William Bird II and Debra Bird (William, AS'89, GR'92)

Donald Blair Jr. and Jane Blair (Donald, GR'72; Jane, '75)

Diana Blake (FA'63, GR'65)

Camilla Blakeslee (FA'68)

Sally Blount (FA'58)

Gregory and Susan Bridge

Kent Brigham, UID and Jane Brigham (Kent, JO'60)

Dr. Gwen Brubaker (GR'68)

Dr. Jennifer and Jimmy Burtwistle (Jennifer, LA'78, GR'80)

Eric Butler (LA'80)

David and Tamara J. Byram Mahl (Tamara, LA'86, FA'86)

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Callahan (Kevin, FA'75; Karen, LA'77)

Ms. Margaret C. Callahan (JO'79) §

John Canarina

John Mark and Carolyn Cantrell

Frank Carroll§±

Frank Carroll§±

Sandra and Everette Carroll (Sandra, FA'77)

Brad and Emily Chafa (Brad, BN'83; Emily, LA'82) §

Barry and Suzanne Chavin

William and Deborah Coakley (William, GR'69; Deborah, FA'73) §

Steven Coates and Christine Jackson-Coates

Dwight and Marilyn Conover (Dwight, GR'80) § ±

Michael and Connie Cooper (Michael, '79)

Merri and David Cory (Merri, FA'86)

K. and John Cowley (K., FA'72, GR'79)

Berkeley Coyne

Lynne Coyne

Jolene Crafton (FA'76, GR'90)

David Crawford (BN'62) §

Ruth Mary and Norton Crowell (Ruth Mary, FA'48)

Jay A. Davidson and Margie M. Davidson (Jay, ED'70)

Cati Davis (BN'19)

Nichelle Dawkins (BN'04, GR'08)

Julie and Don Dickinson (Julie, FA'61)

Michael and Vicki Dubis

Linda Eliason (GR'65)

Jerald and Anita Ellingson (Jerald, FA'63, GR'67)

Kraig Emick (FA'73)

Stephen and Betty Fink (Stephen, FA'71; Betty, FA'71, GR'73)

Thomas and Sarah Florian (Thomas, BN'14, GR'16; Sarah, AS'12) § ±

Diane Foss and Michael Miller (Diane, LA'75, GR'77)

Jim Foster (LA'71) §

Beverly and James Frank (Beverly, ED'70, GR'86)

Julia Franklin

Dallas Freeman

Joel and Julie Friend (Joel, AS'97; Julie, AS'98)

Nancy C. Gephardt (FA'59, GR'60)

Margaret and Michael Glasscock (Margaret, FA'72)

Dr. Larry and Patsy Goetz§

Anne Gonzales (FA'68)

Ann and Dr. Fred Green (Ann, FA'63)

Gillian Gremmels

Mark and Dr. Alina Grimm (Mark, AS'08; Alina, AS'07)

Jeffrey Grinnell and Daniel Gallagher (Jeffrey, FA'78)

Howard and Katherine Grossman

Lon Harding and Tonia Otten-Harding (Lon, FA'73)

Alvin Hawkins Jr. and Sharon Hawkins (Alvin, FA'63)

Cora C. Hayes (GR'78) § ±

Kirk and Julia Hayes (Kirk, LA'58; Julia, '58) § ±

Mary and Richard Heimbruch (Mary, FA'64)

Professor Sandra and James Henry (Sandra, JO'88)±

Marcia Langenberg Heronimus (FA'62)

Christine and Dr. Kevin Hibbard (Christine, FA'75)

Jill-Ann Hoag (AS'96) §

Ms. Stacey L. Hoppe and Mr. Mike C. Williamson (Stacy JO'98; Mike AS '98) §

Michelle Huggins

Beverly Ihnen (FA'73) §

Michael and Christine Janove (Michael, FA'71)

Susan and Norm Jensen (Susan, FA'58)

Mr. Carl B. Johnson (GR'94) §

Elissa Johnson

Lila Johnson (AS'21, JO'21)

Jerrold Jost and Dr. Deborah Altus

Dr. Wayne Kallstrom (FA'66)

Diane Kasdorf (FA'50)

Mariah Keko (AS'01)

Suzanne Todd Kendig (FA'61)

Roderick and Deanna Kennedy

Chris Killough (BN'84)

Mary Ellen Kimball, MA and Dr. Jim Kimball (Mary Ellen, GR'89)

Joni Kinnan

Mary Kleiner and Alexander Kleiner Jr. (Mary, FA'85)§

Mildred and James Knee (Mildred, ED'59)

Eden Kreighbaum (BN'19)

Mark and Debra Kretschmer

Jon Krieg and Patricia McKee

James Krueger (BN'80)§

Steven and Sherri Lauritsen

Gary and Mary Lemons§

Jacob Lemons (AS'18)

James and Margaret Leonardo (James, GR', LA'66; Margaret, FA'69, GR'76)

Rachael Lindhart (FA'64)

Carolyn and Steven Looney (Carolyn, FA'73, GR'00)

Christina and Lincoln Lounsbury

Rich and Diane Luze (Rich, LA'65)§

Spence and Carol Lycan (Spence, ED'71; Carol, FA'72)

The Honorable Ellen L. Maas Pratt and Leonard W. Pratt (Ellen, LA'78)

Linda Grosland Mabry (FA'68, GR'70)

Dr. Edward Markward and Diana McVey (Edward, FA'66, GR'68)

Mary Mayrose (FA'80)

Margaret and J. Robert McDermott (Margaret, LA'62)

Christopher and Amanda McDonnell (Christopher, JO'05; Amanda, AS'05)§

Miki McGovern (LW'80)§

Ann McGowan (FA'70)§

Patricia and Lothar Meisel (Patricia, FA'59, GR'60)

Mary and David Merbeth

Raymond and Shirley Michel (Raymond, '46)§

Tod W. Milam and Linda R. Delaney Milam (Tod, AS'88; Linda, AS'88)§

Judith and Thomas Miller (Judith, FA'86)

Matt and Wendy Miller

Paige Minor

Cary and Dee Mogerman (Cary, LA'82; Dee, LA'83)

Nathan Mohrhauser (BN'19)

Barry and Mary Moore (Barry, AS'93)

Jay and Kay Moser (Jay, PH'71; Kay, GR'90)

Mr. Mark S. Movic and Ms. Susan H. Skinner (Mark, BN'77)§

Anita Mozga (FA'73)

John and Carol Murphy (John, FA'60; Carol, FA'61)

Elsie Naylor (FA'65, GR'67)

Eric Neeley and Laura Krossner (Eric, AS'08; Laura, AS'10, GR'20)

Emma Nixon (AS'21)§

Todd and Carrie Nole (Todd, PH'93; Carrie, AS'93)

Pamela and Arthur Nolting (Pamela, FA'70)

Cindy Norell (GR'93)

Rosalee Oakley and W. Oakley Jr. (Rosalee, FA'59)

Cynthia O'Brien and Mike Fitzpatrick (Cynthia, FA'83)§

A. Loran Olsen, PhD (GR'55)

Dr. Alf Loran Olsen

Peter Otto (FA'73)

Joseph and Rose Parsons (Joseph, FA'75; Rose, ED'77, GR'80)

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Paulsen§

Gene and Stacie Pavinato

Danielle Peters (AS'16, GR'19)

Jeff and Joanie Phillips (Joanie, AS'88, AS'90)§

Lowell E. Plavec (LA'70)±

Anastasia Polydoran (GR'76)§

Andrew Poppen and Jennifer Koska (Andrew, AS'10; Jennifer, AS'11, GR'21)

Joel and Josefa Poppen

Margaret Poppen

Thomas Press and Donna Paulsen

Jane and Ronald Prinn (Jane, LA'68)

Timothy and Rosemary Rahm (Timothy, LW'76; Rosemary, '69)

Justin and Kathryn Range (Justin, BN'98; Kathryn, AS'99)

Dr. Pamela and Jeffrey Richardson (Pamela, AS'88)

David Roberts and Loren Almeida (David, FA'69)§

Timothy Robinson (AS'05, GR'07)

Abigail Rogers

MSG Carolyn and Dan Rogers (Carolyn, LA'76, GR'77)

Thomas Rogers Jr. and Denise Rogers

Alice Rohdy ('56)§

Laura Roling (GR'23)§

Dr. James Romain and Angela Broughton-Romain

Melvin Rosas and Judith Gorniak-Rosas (Melvin, FA'72)

Kristi Ruckstaetter (FA'76)

Priscilla Sage (GR'81)

Dr. Mark and Rosemarie Sand (Mark, LA'80; Rosemarie, FA'80)

Professor Eric and Amy Saylor (Eric, AS'96; Amy, AS'95)

Dr. Michael and Kelly Schnackenberg (Michael, PH'14, GR'14; Kelly, AS'12, GR'16)

Mary Beth Schroeder Fracek and Eugene Fracek (Mary Beth, FA'72, GR'85, GR'03)

J. Dean and Carol Schroll (J. Dean, LA'66)§

Benjamin Schultz (BN'19)

Kevin and Kristina Shay

Cheryl and Wesley Siebrass (Cheryl, FA'77, GR'95)

John and Mary Kay Smith (John, AS'92, GR'00; Mary Kay, AS'91, GR'07)§

Sharon Smith (FA'63)

Tracy Snow§

Robert Soth (BN'55)

Joyce and Laird Spaulding (Joyce, FA'58)

Kathleen and James St John (Kathleen, FA'66)

Dr. William and Ruth Staplin (William, AS'92; Ruth, BN'89, GR'99)

Marna Stevens ('59)

Rick and Theresa Stewart (Rick, AS'99)

Dr. Carl and Phyllis Suchar (Carl, LA'74)±

George and Mary Sutfin (George, PH'67)

Sandy Johnson Tatge and Bob Tatge (Sandy, FA'69; Bob, BN'68)§±

Harold and Joyce Templeman (Joyce, GR'64)

Robert Thelen and Bruce Carr (Robert, GR'73)

Karen Peterson Thielman (FA'82) and Christopher Thielman

David and Diane Thomas

Virginia Thomas ('67)

Barbara and Ray Tininenko (Barbara, '60)

Mrs. Patricia B. Trump (FA'74, GR'87)§

Patrick and Annette Verdun (Patrick, PH'84; Annette, FA'85)§

Kay Ward (FA'57, GR'77)

Jonathan and Emily Weaver (Jonathan, GR'09)§

Patricia Westphal

Elizabeth Westphalen (BN'88)§

Lauren Whittaker and Frank Whittaker Jr. (Lauren, FA'86)

Rebecca and Christopher Widmer§

Cheryle and Mark Wilcox (Cheryle, ED'67)

Robert and Jean Williams (Robert, LW'67)

Sandra and Jim Windsor

Joel K. Wolfson (FA'59)

Michael Jerry Wolnerman (PH'87)§

Dr. and Mrs. David W. Wright (David, BN'77)§±

Sue Wright§±



Corporate, Foundations, and Other Organizations

Betty J Debban Trust

Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines§±

Mark Kretschmer Living Trust

O'Brien-Fitzpatrick Family Foundation

Patricia B Westphal Rev Trust

Schroll Living Trust

Schwab Charitable Fund

Susan Skinner and Mark Movic Charitable Fund

Vanguard Charitable

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