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2021-2022 Honor Roll

Friends of Drake Arts Honor Roll of Donors

This nationwide organization fosters and enriches music, theatre arts and visual arts at Drake University.  Friends of Drake Arts support the future of art by creating an exceptional environment for a new generation of artists, actors and musicians to grow by learning and performing.  Gifts from Friends of Drake Arts have been included in the University’s Drake Fund since 1993.

† - Deceased

  • - President’s Circle Member

± - Old Main Member

Anonymous (3)

Dr. Janice Abel (FA'58, GR'60)

Jeffrey Abt and Mary Paquette-Abt (Jeffrey, FA'71, GR'79; Mary, LA'72) ±

Lowell Accola (FA'74)

Dennis and Elke Adams (Dennis, FA'69)

Dr. Donald V. and Carol A. Adams§

Professor Daniel Allcott and Susan Capron (Daniel, AS'89)

Jane A. Andrew §

Reilly Atkins (AS'22)

Gail Avgeris (LA'66)

Maureen and Steven Bair

Dr. Patricia Barnes (JO'68)

Ron Battani (FA'67, GR'73)

Wayne and Delores Bauman (Wayne, LA'74, GR'82)

Dr. Dwayne and Madeline Beatty (Dwayne, LA'65; Madeline, FA'66)

Richard Beatty (LA'81)

Aimee Beckmann-Collier

Adam and Aimee Beilgard (Adam, AS'04; Aimee, AS'03)

Dr. Virginia Bennett, PhD (FA'65, GR'78)

Annette and Robert Bierkamp (Annette, LA'78, GR'90)

William Bird II and Debra Bird (William, AS'89, GR'92)

Dave and Beth Bishop (Dave, BN'66) §

Donald Blair Jr. and Jane Blair (Donald, GR'72)

Diana Blake (FA'63, GR'65)

Martha and Michael Boesenberg (Martha, GR'08)

Jennifer Boeye

Lynne Boldt (AS'92)

Sarah Bowie, MM and Leland Bowie (Sarah, FA'63, GR'64)

Jeffrey Bradley and Heidi Prather

Gregory and Susan Bridge

Kent Brigham, UID and Jane Brigham (Kent, JO'60)

Mary Brooks (FA'74, GR'79, GR'85) §

Roger J. and Beverly A. Brown (Roger, BN'50; Beverly, FA'50) §

Dr. Gwen Brubaker (GR'68)

Dr. Cleveland and Linda Bryant (Cleveland, LA'68; Linda, FA'69)

Lynnelle and Charles Bryant (Lynnelle, FA'86)

Drs. Frank and Ruth Bures (Frank, FA'65; Ruth, FA'67)

Dr. Jennifer and Jimmy Burtwistle (Jennifer, LA'78, GR'80)

Paul and Colleen Bush (Paul, GR'94; Colleen, FA'83)

Eric Butler (LA'80)

David and Tamara J. Byram Mahl (Tamara, LA'86, FA'86)

Bill Caldbeck and Diane Anagnos Caldbeck (Bill, BN'70; Diane, ED'72) §

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Callahan (Kevin, FA'75; Karen, LA'77)

Ms. Margaret C. Callahan (JO'79) §

John Canarina

John Mark and Carolyn Cantrell

Olivia Cantrell (BN'22)

Nancy Clare Caponi (FA'84)

Gene and Jayne Carlson (Gene, PH'75; Jayne, FA'74)

Frank and Marilyn Carroll

Sandra and Everette Carroll (Sandra, FA'77)

Udell Cason Jr. and Emma Cason (Udell, FA'65, GR'70)

Mittzi Castellanos (AS'15)

Brad and Emily Chafa (Brad, BN'83; Emily, LA'82) §

Barry and Suzanne Chavin

Ajenai Clemmons (AS'02)

Mr. James M. Collier (GR'70) §

Gary and Marilyn Cook (Gary, LA'61; Marilyn, '62) §

Michael and Connie Cooper

Dale Copeland (FA'57)

Kate Corman (JO'06)

Paul and Paula Crandell (Paul, FA'66)

David Crawford (BN'62) §

Kevin Croft and Jill Kopecky (Kevin, BN'89, GR'95; Jill, AS'90, GR'91) §

Ruth Mary and Norton Crowell (Ruth Mary, FA'48)

Andrew Curl (AS'05)

Alexis Dauner

Jay A. Davidson and Margie M. Davidson (Jay, ED'70) §

Nichelle Dawkins (BN'04, GR'08)

Fred and Arlene DeVries (Fred, BN'61; Arlene, FA'62, GR'85) §

Julie and Don Dickinson (Julie, FA'61)

Ethelee Dixon ('54)

Dr. Corey and Dana Dossett (Corey, PH'09, GR'09; Dana, AS'09)

Michael and Vicki Dubis

Emily and Zachary Eisenhauer (Emily, AS'14)

Linda Eliason (GR'65)

Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston (Michael, FA'76) §

Kraig Emick (FA'73)

Judith Eschweiler (FA'72)

Jean and Darlene Evers (Jean, FA'51; Darlene, FA'51)

Lorne and Graciela Fernandez

Stephen and Betty Fink (Stephen, FA'71; Betty, FA'71, GR'73)

Tom and Marcia Fisher (Marcia, ED'62)

Thomas and Sarah Florian (Thomas, BN'14, GR'16; Sarah, AS'12) §

Ted and Ruth Francis (Ted, FA'75; Ruth, FA'75)

Julia Franklin

Dallas Freeman

Joel and Julie Friend (Joel, AS'97; Julie, AS'98)

Daniel Garcia

Professor Benjamin Gardner

Drew and Dawn Gentsch (Drew, AS'94, LW'00)

Nancy C. Gephardt (FA'59, GR'60)

Jennifer and Andrew Gervais (Jennifer, GR'94)

E. J. Giovannetti

Margaret and Michael Glasscock (Margaret, FA'72)

Dr. Larry and Patsy Goetz §

Anne Gonzales (FA'68)

Donald and Audrey Graziano (Donald, FA'70)

Ann and Dr. Fred Green (Ann, FA'63)

Gillian Gremmels

Mark and Dr. Alina Grimm (Mark, AS'08; Alina, AS'07)

Jeffrey Grinnell and Daniel Gallagher (Jeffrey, FA'78)

Howard and Katherine Grossman

Krystal Grover-Webb (FA'81, GR'84)

Lois Harms (GR'74) ±

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Hatfield (Jeffrey, JO'88, GR'92; Elizabeth, AS'88) §

†Cora C. Hayes (GR'78) ±

Kirk and Julia Hayes (Kirk, LA'58; Julia, '58) § ±

Suzanne Hazelton (FA'54)

Vicki and Lawrence Hedlin

Begie Hefner

Professor Sandra and James Henry (Sandra, JO'88)

Marcia Langenberg Heronimus (FA'62)

John H. Hess (FA'80)

Reverend Jeannette Hickman-Kingsley and Charles Ellingson (Jeannette, FA'59, GR'66)

Bette and Robert Hodson (Bette, FA'62)

T. D. Holdridge

Donn Hook (FA'78)

Ms. Stacey L. Hoppe and Mr. Mike C. Williamson (Stacy JO'98; Mike AS '98) §

Mary and Herbert Hugen (Mary, FA'70)

Michael E. Myszewski and Martha G. James (Martha, GR'85) § ±

Michael and Christine Janove (Michael, FA'71)

Susan and Norm Jensen (Susan, FA'58)

Joseph R. Jester (LA'58) §

Mary and E. Harvey Jewell (Mary, FA'67)

Mr. Carl B. Johnson (GR'94)§

Dr. Eric Jorgensen, PhD (AS'99)

Jeffrey and Michele Kane (Jeffrey, BN'84, GR'89; Michele, LA'84)

Diane Kasdorf (FA'50)

Diane Kebede (GR'83)

Amy and Patrick Kelly

Suzanne Todd Kendig (FA'61)

Brenda and Michael Kerr (Brenda, FA'79)

Chris Killough (BN'84)

Mary Ellen Kimball, MA and Dr. Jim Kimball (Mary Ellen, GR'89)

Joni Kinnan

William and Rebecca Klein

Mr. John G. Kleine and Mrs. Susan F. Kleine (John, LA'64; Susan, LA'64) §

Mary Kleiner and Alexander Kleiner Jr. (Mary, FA'85) §

Mark and Debra Kretschmer

Jon Krieg and Patricia McKee

Gary and Mary Lemons §

Professor Joseph Lenz and Professor Andrea Charlow±

James and Margaret Leonardo (James, GR', LA'66; Margaret, FA'69, GR'76)

Adorn Lewis Mitchell (JO'82)

Rachael Lindhart (FA'64)

Chris Loumakis

Donald and Mary Ann Lovell (Donald, FA'66)

Linda and Dr. Wayne Lueders (Linda, GR'81)

Rich and Diane Luze (Rich, LA'65) §

Spence and Carol Lycan (Spence, ED'71; Carol, FA'72)

The Honorable Ellen L. Maas Pratt and Leonard W. Pratt (Ellen, LA'78)

Linda Grosland Mabry (FA'68, GR'70)

David Mahl

† Don Marek

Sharon Marek (FA'73)

Dr. Edward Markward and Diana McVey (Edward, FA'66, GR'68)

Dale and Theresa Marquart

Dr. Leslie Marrs

Marilyn and Myron Maurer (Marilyn, FA'80)

President Emeritus David and Madeleine Maxwell § ±

Mary Mayrose (FA'80)

Christopher and Amanda McDonnell (Christopher, JO'05; Amanda, AS'05) §

Miki McGovern (LW'80) §

Ann McGowan (FA'70) §

Howard and Beatrice McKindra

Thomas Mease (FA'84)

Patricia and Lothar Meisel (Patricia, FA'59, GR'60)

Dale and Deborah Menning (Dale, FA'69)

Mary and David Merbeth

Jenifer Mercer-Klimowski and Kevin Klimowski (Jenifer, LW'79)

Alinda and Edward Michael (Alinda, GR'70)

Tod W. Milam and Linda R. Delaney Milam (Tod, AS'88; Linda, AS'88) §

Dr. D. Douglas and Grace Miller (D. Douglas, FA'63, GR'65; Grace, LA'65)

Judith and Thomas Miller (Judith, FA'86)

Matt and Wendy Miller

Polly V. Moore

Paul and Gloria Morris

Jay and Kay Moser (Jay, PH'71; Kay, GR'90)

Donald Mostrom and Etta Berkowitz (Donald, FA'72, GR'77, GR'91)

Mr. Mark S. Movic and Ms. Susan H. Skinner (Mark, BN'77) §

Anita Mozga (FA'73)

John and Carol Murphy (John, FA'60; Carol, FA'61)

Elsie Naylor (FA'65, GR'67)

Eric Neeley and Laura Krossner (Eric, AS'08; Laura, AS'10, GR'20)

Robin and David Nelson

Andy and Barb Nish

Emma Nixon (AS'21) §

Pamela and Arthur Nolting (Pamela, FA'70)

Rosalee Oakley and W. Oakley Jr. (Rosalee, FA'59)

A. Loran Olsen, PhD (GR'55)

Dr. Alf Loran Olsen

Capt. Dawn Olson, USA (Ret.) (FA'83)

Susan Olson (FA'64)

Amy O'Shaughnessy (GR'15)

Peter Otto (FA'73)

Lucy Panfil (JO'22)

Lloyd and C. Jeanne Patterson (Lloyd, FA'72)

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Paulsen§

Cheryl and David Perry (Cheryl, FA'68)

Danielle Peters (AS'16, GR'19)

Daniel B. and Melanie A. Peterson (Daniel, BN'83) §

Jeff and Joanie Phillips (Joanie, AS'88, AS'90) §

Mary Pierce (FA'72)

Lowell E. Plavec (LA'70) § ±

Betty and Paul Plusquellec (Betty, FA'64)

Anastasia Polydoran (GR'76)

Jason and Tamara Pool

Andrew Poppen and Jennifer Koska (Andrew, AS'10; Jennifer, AS'11, GR'21) §

Joel and Josefa Poppen

Margaret Poppen

Dr. Suzanne Powell and John Urbanek (Suzanne, FA'77)

Richard Priest Jr. and Leslie Wilkins (Richard, LW'80)

Jane and Ronald Prinn (Jane, LA'68)

Judith and Al Rellstab (Judith, FA'63)

William L. and †Jean Riemenschneider (William, JO'66) § ±

Timothy Robson (FA'74) §

Alice Rohdy ('56) §

Dr. James Romain and Angela Broughton-Romain

Melvin Rosas and Judith Gorniak-Rosas (Melvin, FA'72)

Priscilla Sage (GR'81)

Dr. Mark and Rosemarie Sand (Mark, LA'80; Rosemarie, FA'80)

Professor Eric and Amy Saylor (Eric, AS'96; Amy, AS'95)

Bob Scarborough (BN'52) §

Dr. Michael and Kelly Schnackenberg (Michael, PH'14, GR'14; Kelly, AS'12, GR'16)

John C. and Judith A. Schneller (John, BN'66; Judith, BN'66)

Mary Beth Schroeder Fracek and Eugene Fracek (Mary Beth, FA'72, GR'85, GR'03)

J. Dean and Carol Schroll (J. Dean, LA'66) §

Barbara Shelby (FA'55, FA'60)

†Nicholas Shelby (FA'57, GR'58)

Earl and Kathy Sides (Earl, GR'88)

Cheryl and Wesley Siebrass (Cheryl, FA'77, GR'95)

Emily Smith (ED'22)

John and Mary Kay Smith (John, AS'92, GR'00; Mary Kay, AS'91, GR'07) §

Tracy Snow §

Nancy Snyder (ED'72, GR'75) §

William and Wendy Solawetz

Joyce and Laird Spaulding (Joyce, FA'58)

Zachary Spielberger (BN'18)

Sandra J. Reed in memory of Jules Kirschenbaum (Sandra, AS'88)

Kathleen and James St John (Kathleen, FA'66)

Marna Stevens ('59)

Carol Stewart and Carol Van Horn (Carol, FA'63) §

Dr. Carl and Phyllis Suchar (Carl, LA'74) § ±

George and Mary Sutfin (George, PH'67)

Joyce and Ben Swartz (Ben, LA'55) § ±

Raymond Szull Jr. (LA'83)

Sandy Johnson Tatge and Bob Tatge (Sandy, FA'69; Bob, BN'68) § ±

Harold and Joyce Templeman (Joyce, GR'64)

Graciela and Bradley Thalacker (Graciela, FA'80)

Robert Thelen and Bruce Carr (Robert, GR'73)

Karen Peterson Thielman (FA'82) and Christopher Thielman

David and Diane Thomas

Virginia Thomas ('67)

Kristofer Thornton (AS'15)

Bruce D. and Janice Estrem Thorsen (Bruce, JO'70; Janice, FA'69) § ±

Mrs. Patricia B. Trump (FA'74, GR'87) §

Dr. Norma Vanzee (FA'61, GR'64)

Mark and Celane Vasey (Mark, LA'85; Celane, FA'73, GR'84)

Kara Vaughn

Patrick and Annette Verdun (Patrick, PH'84; Annette, FA'85) §

Ronald and Joyce Vierling (Ronald, FA'64)

Taylor Vroman (AS'22)

Marcia Walljasper

Melvin and Mary Walton (Melvin, BN'61; Mary, FA'59)

Judith West (GR'92)

Elizabeth Westphalen (BN'88)

Joyce Wheeler (FA'69)

Lauren Whittaker and Frank Whittaker Jr. (Lauren, FA'86)

Rebecca and Christopher Widmer§

Cheryle and Mark Wilcox (Cheryle, ED'67)

Justin and Jennifer Williams (Justin, AS'04, GR'08; Jennifer, AS'02)

Marial Williams (AS'17)

Robert and Jean Williams (Robert, LW'67)

Dana and Nancy Wipperman (Dana, GR'90)

Joel K. Wolfson (FA'59)

Michael Jerry Wolnerman (PH'87)§

Dr. and Mrs. David W. Wright (David, BN'77) § ±

Beth and David Ybarra (Beth, FA'77)

Emily Zeller

Ms. Jennifer M. Zimmerman (PH'93)

Corporate, Foundations, and Other Organizations

Frank J. Carroll Farms

James Collier Trust§

Schroll Living Trust

Schwab Charitable Fund

Vanguard Charitable

Fine Arts News