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The Herb and Karen Baum Chairship of Ethics in the Professions

The Herb and Karen Baum Chairship of Ethics in the Professions enables the Baum Chair to bring together other Drake faculty members with research and teaching interests in ethics into an ongoing forum on ethics and the world of practice to engage the campus in broader discourse. 

For the three-year term of the professorship (Fall 19 - Spring 22), Professor Renée Ann Cramer will convene a Baum Professorship Guiding Coalition made up of faculty, staff, and students from across the university to grow and expand our capacity for institutional transformation, given the challenges and opportunities facing private higher education in the coming years. The Baum Chair for 19/22 will focus on the role of university education in creating the ethical leaders we need across the professions, and the university’s ethical obligation to provide access and affordability to an increasingly diverse range of students, preparing them to enter public life and the workplace with the competencies they need for success. 

Working with a team of students will insure that the symposium reflects student experiences in, and expectations of higher education.Working with business partners, high school leaders, and our own expertise, the Baum Guiding Coalition will bring together a mini-symposium in Spring 2020, engage in active learning and field trips, and convene small-scale conversations. This work will culminate in a national Symposium in Spring 2021, where we will bring national and international leaders to campus to discuss the student debt crisis, the value of the liberal arts, and the ways faculty can help lead institutional transformation.

Contact for more information, or a chance to be involved.

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