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On-Going Activities

The Baum Guiding Coalition is made up of faculty, staff, and students from across the university, intent on understanding the structures of and challenges facing higher ed, so we can innovate to thrive.  We spent the academic year 19/20 getting to know each other and build community, and reading John Kotter's book Leading Change.
Students Engaged in Baum EthicsEngagement in Baum Ethics
The student-focused Baum Team met regularly in 19/20 to read and discuss The New EducationPaying the Price, and Paying for the Party.  We will meet in 20/21 to continue studying contemporary voices in Higher Ed leadership.
Both groups play essential roles in planning events like the Learning Symposium, 
the Baum Symposium.
We are always looking for participants - if you'd like to be involved, email 
Every spring (19, 20, and 21) Professor Cramer teaches an LPS 035 elective on the themes of the Baum Professorship - appropriate for first and second year students in any major - please reach out for more information!
Faculty/Staff Development Opportunities