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Undergraduate Student Assistantship Program

The Undergraduate Student Assistantship (UGA) program aims to offer Drake juniors and seniors opportunities to gain advanced experience in their academic or professional fields and to engage in a rich mentorship relationship with a member of Drake’s professional staff or faculty.

Faculty, Staff

For programs or departments hiring an undergraduate student assistant for a position that furthers the student’s academic and professional development, Student Financial Plannning provides a 2 - to -1 match with department, program or unit funds. A maximum of $1100 is awarded per project (for proposals whose total assistantship budget is $1650 or more). 

Timeline: Applications are due early in the spring semester for assistantships to take place the following academic year. Specific deadlines are announced each fall via email.


February 8, 2021 (Submission to the Dean of Schools or Colleges, or to the Director of the Administrative Program) February 19, 2021 (Proposals forwarded from Deans and Directors to the Office of the Associate Provost)

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Undergraduate Assistantship Program FY22

Art Sanders, Associate Provost,