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Undergraduate Student Assistantship Program

The Undergraduate Student Assistantship (UGA) program aims to offer Drake juniors and seniors opportunities to gain advanced experience in their academic or professional fields and to engage in a rich mentorship relationship with a member of Drake’s professional staff or faculty.


Faculty or staff may apply.

Students selected as assistants must be of junior or senior standing during the period of the proposed assistantship and must have a 3.00 University GPA or higher.



A maximum of $1500 is awarded per project. 


Timeline: Applications are due April 15, 2024, for assistantships to take place the following academic year.  Submit your application for an Undergraduate Student Assistantship to the Office of the Deputy Provost by the due date. Final decisions regarding the applications will be communicated by April 30th.


Please email a 3-7 page document that includes: 

  • An abbreviated (1-2 page) CV highlighting relevant teaching, research, and service activity.
  • A narrative of the work to be accomplished, a timeline for its completion, the intended outcomes (eg: type of publication, performance, or presentation) and a budget.
  • A highlight of the relevant research and creative work, teaching and service.
  • A statement of the ways you will engage your student assistant on the work and your plan for mentoring the student.

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Undergraduate Assistantship Program FAQ

Jimmy Senteza, Deputy Provost of Academic Affairs


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