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Charlene Skidmore

Each year, Drake University seeks admitted students with curiosity and the passion to explore interdisciplinary topics that require critical reading, thinking and writing to join Drake University’s Honors Program.

Application Deadline

The priority deadline for Honors Program admission is March 1. First-year student applications received after the priority deadline will be considered on a space available basis, but will not be considered for the John August Book Award (scholarships) or have a seat held in Honors Foundations for the incoming fall semester.

Application Questions

The questions for you to write about are:

Question 1

Imagine you have been asked to recommend one book to someone who is looking for something to read that will invite them to reconsider aspects of their lives or see the world differently.  As you look to the books you’ve read in your life, particularly those which were not assigned for class, what book would you recommend and why this book?  What impact do you believe this book will have on most who read it and what is it of this book that you think will have this sort of impact?

Question 2

Suppose you discover the means by which humans can read the minds of other humans without them knowing.  Obviously, this technology would be highly desired by many corporations, governments, etc.  What would be the ethical thing to using this technology and why?  What risks are there to doing this with this technology and what benefits make you willing to embrace these risks for the sake of benefits?

Question 3

Develop a life motto/slogan that will remind you, for the next four years, what is most important for you to remember and prioritize as you move forward.  Limit your motto to 8 words.  Share this motto with us and explain why you chose what you did.

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