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Study Abroad Seminars

Education Abroad for Honors Track Elective
Honors students may receive credit for one honors course elective during education abroad. If additional study away transfer credits are received in the Quantitative Literacy, Lab Science, or Artistic Experience areas, the honors program counts that credit toward the AOI category it would fulfill in the Areas of Inquiry Track. As a way to study and document the cultural learning that supplements classroom learning experiences, Honors students keep a journal or blog while abroad, and use their daily experiences to write an 8-10 page paper on the pre-determined interdisciplinary topic. A presentation of paper topic is hosted by the Honors community during the term following semester abroad. To receive Honors study abroad credit, students must submit the a proposal for a broadly interdisciplinary topic of study prior to the proposed study abroad experience. 

For more information on study abroad please contact the Global Engagement, Education Abroad Office.

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