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Honors Program Options


The Honors Track is an interdisciplinary, discussion-dependent, reading- and writing-intensive alternative to Drake's already innovative general education curriculum.

Honors Program Track requirements:

  • One Quantitative Literacy AOI course-- 3 credits
  • One Artistic Literacy AOI course-- 3 credits
  • One Physical or Life Science course with lab-- 4 credits
  • HONR 100: Paths to Knowledge-- 4 credits
  • 15 additional Honors elective credits*
    *equivalent to 5 Honors seminars from 3 different disciplines*

Total = 29 credit hours

To graduate with a "University Honors" distinction on Drake degree:

  • Complete the Honors Program Track (above)
  • Complete an Honors Senior Thesis
  • Graduate with a 3.2 cumulative GPA or higher


  • Students on the Honors Track should take a diversified curriculum from at least three different disciplines: no more than 2 Honors or Honors cross-listed courses from the same major designation or school (i.e., SJMC) may be counted toward the five Honors elective courses.
  • Students are limited to two (3 credit hours each) study-away experiences as counting towards the Honors Track.  (See section on Education Abroad for Honors and Drake faculty led travel seminars.)
  • Paths to Knowledge (4 credit hour course) is required and in addition to the five elective Honors courses for the Honors Track.
  • A student may apply only one summer web course (cross-listed with Honors) toward Honors Track requirements.
  • Courses satisfying the required Areas of Inquiry (AOIs) for Artistic Literacy, Quantitative Literacy, and Life/Physical Lab Science also meet the required Honors Track AOIs. Post secondary degree options (college credit, AP and IB approved courses) transferred as credit to Drake also meet these requirements.
  • The Honors Senior Thesis (3 credit hour broadly interdisciplinary independent study) for University Honors is also in addition to the five elective Honors courses.  The Honors Thesis must have received a "B or better" for the University Honors designation to appear on the Drake transcript and diploma. A cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.2 is also required in order to graduate with University Honors.
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