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Drake Honors Program


Welcome to the Drake University Honors Program application process. The Honors Program Recruitment Committee, including honors students and faculty, will thoughtfully consider your application.

Priority application deadline: March 1, 2018
Note: Late applications are handled on a space available basis.

As we work to place entering first-year students into different sections of the first semester honors practicum (a one-credit introductory honors class experience) we would like to know a bit about you as a student. This will help us get to know you prior to your arrival and will help us to create groupings of students for the different sections that will be most conducive to your positive learning experience.

In this vein, please explain to us what you think is most helpful for deep learning and why.

Some ideas to consider are:
(a) the attitude to take while investigating the ideas of others; (b) the attitude to take toward your own beliefs; (c) the value of working to avoid mistakes; (d) the value of working with others (including but not limited to ‘group work’); (e) the role of teachers and texts in a course; (f) the role of grades; (g) the role of the areas of study (arts, sciences, humanities, profession- specific skills, social sciences, etc.).

Of course, you will not be able to address all of these and there may be ideas that you’d like to discuss which are not included in the above listing. These are only some suggestions of topics that might be relevant. Our interest is getting to know you and better understanding your current beliefs about learning and who you are as a student.

(I understand that if I decide not to complete the Honors Program Track, only those classes the faculty adviser(s) feel are suitable for the standard Areas of Inquiry curriculum will apply. I will keep a copy of the Honors syllabus from each class I take to help aid that process.)

Please direct questions to:

Jennifer McCrickerd, director of Honors Program, at 515-271-2250, or Charlene Skidmore, assistant director of Honors Program, at 515-271-2999,

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