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HONR 198: variable 1-3 credit hours



Honors Independent Study

To encourage independent interdisciplinary scholarship, students may earn Honors credit in an approved independent study. either within the Honors Program Examples include a an Honors Program Working Group research project, a painting, a work of literary criticism, a short film or a reserach paper that goes beyond what could be done within the major, minor, or concentration. The product is most often a written work that is presented at a public forum near semester's end. The project is coordinated with the Honors Program and completed in conjunction with a faculty adviser. Interested students must consult with the Honors Program Director. Please see proposal form guidelines link for Honors Independent Study. Prereq.: Sophomore or higher standing and consent of the Honors Program director.

HONR 199: 3 credit hours

Broadly interdisciplinary Honors Senior Thesis

Study Abroad for Honors

Study Abroad for Honors Agreement

Honors Study Abroad Credit

The Honors Program encourages the educational study abroad experience. Such opportunities may challenge assumptions about the world at large and have the potential to open up understanding of cultures beyond our borders and so lead to a refreshed perspective on one's own culture. To facilitate this, Honors students may apply 2-3 credit hours earned from the study abroad experience towards the Honors track.


  1. Honors students must participate in a program where study abroad credits are transfen-ed back to Drake University towards the degree.
  2.  Honors students must take 9-12 credit hours during study abroad to be eligible for Study Abroad for Honors.
  3.  3 Honors credit hours may be cross-counted with 3 of the 12 successfully transfered study abroad credit
     2 Honors credit hours may be cross-listed with 2 of the 9 successfully transfered study abroad credit hours.

Important: There are no exceptions to this.

  1. Honors students will submit to the Director of Honors the Study Abroad for Honors form in the semester before the proposed study abroad experience. This form is available at the Honors office - 209 Medbury Hall and online.
  2. The Study Abroad for Honors form must be approved before commencing the study abroad experience.
    There are no exceptions.


  1. Honors students will keep an Honors Study Abroad journal. Be descriptive of your daily activities, sensitive to your thoughts and notable experiences. Link your studies to these experiences.

    In the semester following your return you will use the journal to craft an 8-10 page essay that interweaves your study abroad experience with the ways in which it broadened your education; how it may have challenged any assumptions that you may have had about the cultural exchange you experienced and how it may have opened up new intellectual pursuits for you.
  1. Towards the end of the semester following your return you will construct a 15- minute presentation from the essay. The presentation is to be made to the Honors community during one of the scheduled presentation times, generally held one month prior to the semester end or by earlier requested time. The essay is turned in following the presentation.

  2. Upon successful completion of the paper and presentation, the appropriate number of Study Abroad for Honors credits will be cross-counted. This does not result in an increase of credit hours to appear on the degree audit or transcript, but rather the record of cross-counting is kept by the assistant director of Honors and will be counted as the fifth Honors course elective for degree release and/or graduation.

Honors tracking sheet

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