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Meet Ashley Haddock.

Ashley is a 2023 graduate of Drake's undergraduate Health Sciences program from Tigard, Oregon. Ashley majored in Clinical and Medical Sciences, and she completed her final-year Internship Experience with REV Health and Wellness - a performance physical therapy practice owned by Dr. Ryan Domeyer in Urbandale, Iowa.

Name: Ashley Haddock
Hometown: Tigard, Oregon
Major: Clinical & Medical Sciences
Senior Internship: REV Health and Wellness

What were your responsibilities with this internship/research and the overall goal?

As an intern at REV Health and Wellness, some of my main roles included scheduling patient visits and text reminders, completing SOAP note documentation, and assisting Dr. Ryan with the creation of a treatment plan and prescriptive exercises. Additionally, I often helped Dr. Ryan film and post social media content, which involved a public YouTube platform for his patients to reference exercises between visits.

Dr. Ryan was dedicated to ensuring that I received hands-on experience with patient documentation, discussing cases, and prompting me with questions specifically pertaining to my role as a future sports-medicine physician. We created these goals together at the beginning of my internship, and I am beyond grateful to have blown past this baseline of experience I had hoped to accomplish.

What has been your favorite thing about this Internship Experience?

I would have to go with the overall progress I have made in my initial goals listed above, and how this extended to observing patient care at REV Health and Wellness. Through all of the questions Dr. Ryan has prompted me with, treatment plans he has allowed me to assist him in creating, and more, I developed a greater understanding of Dr. Ryan's values of care and further connected with patients as the experience continued.

What made you choose Drake and the Health Sciences program?

Originally, I was recruited to Drake's rowing team; however, Drake's Health Sciences Program stood out to me on my official visit in high school because the students (of all disciplines) were genuinely happy about the experiences they had at Drake so far. I recall meeting Dr. Cassity Gutierrez and her passionate tone when sharing what the Health Sciences program has to offer, and I knew that if she was THAT excited about the opportunity to simply share the program with the prospective students, it had to be something big (and I can happily say that it has exceeded my expectations). 

What are your career goals or plans after graduation?

After graduation, I will be taking a gap year and completing lab work at a Dermatology clinic back home in Oregon. Following medical school, I would like to work in sports medicine.

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