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Student Research Opportunities

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (CPHS) fosters a culture of research among students and faculty.

Across the CPHS undergraduate and graduate programs, students have opportunities to work closely with faculty on independent research projects. Not only does research allow students to gain new knowledge in a particular field, it is an impressive addition to a transcript or resume, whether your goal is postgraduate training or a great first job.

CPHS Research Experience Highlights:

  • Students can begin research projects as early as their first year at Drake.
  • Research may be lab-based or related to direct patient care.
  • Students may suggest a research focus or can work with faculty to help them identify a project related to their interests and goals.
  • These projects often lead to student co-authors for abstracts and other publications. 
  • You can receive funding for research projects through faculty grants, Summer Research Fellowships, or the Nita Pandit Student Research Award.
  • As a student researcher, you can showcase your work at campus, regional, and national meetings and conferences.

How to Find Research Opportunities

  • Check out the CPHS Weekly Announcements
  • Speak directly with CPHS faculty
  • Check out the “Currently Accepting Student Researchers?” question in each faculty member’s bio at
  • Check Handshake for external research opportunities.

Research Q&A

Who does research in CPHS?

All faculty members across every CPHS department (Health Sciences, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy, Athletic Training) complete research regularly. Students may partake in research projects with faculty members.

Are all research projects within CPHS lab-based?

No, not all research is lab-based. While some research takes place in labs, other projects are related directly to patient care and might take place in clinical settings.

When can students begin research?

Students may complete research projects as early as their first year at Drake.

Do students have to come up with the topic for their research?

Students may present a topic to a faculty member or they can work with faculty to help them identify a topic related to their interests and goals.

How can a student participate in research?

Faculty may request student researchers at any time and students can take the initiative to start a project with a faculty member.

How to find or start a research project?

  • Watch the CPHS weekly announcements for research opportunities
  • Reach out directly to a faculty member or your advisor
  • Check out the "Currently Accepting Student Researchers?" question in each faculty member's bio at
  • Check Handshake for external research opportunities

Current Research Opportunities

Talk to your advisor about starting research or visit the CPHS directory to see which faculty members are excepting student researchers.

Harris Endowment Student Research Guidelines

The Harris Student Research program provides $5,000 of annual research funding for students. Students may apply for funding to support an original research project of their choosing, with mentorship from a CPHS faculty member.

Harris Student Research Guidelines

Drake Undergraduate Science Collaborative Institute (DUSCI)

Consistent with Drake University's mission, the Drake Undergraduate Science Collaborative Institute (DUSCI) actively supports collaborative student/faculty research experiences, strives to increase scientific literacy, and provides opportunities to engage the larger community in science.

Activities promoted and supported by DUSCI include:

  • Summer and academic year undergraduate research activities
  • Drake Science Colloquium lecture series, which features Drake faculty and invited external speakers
  • Life After Drake lecture series, which brings in successful alumni to celebrate their accomplishments, offer the students the opportunity to obtain advice in different fields and develop a relationship with alumni
  • Drake University Conference on Undergraduate Research in the Sciences (DUCURS), which provides a forum to showcase scientific results of faculty/student collaborative research in math and science.

Vanadro Drug Development Consulting

Vanadro Drug Development Consulting and the CPHS collaborate to provide a year-long, post-graduate Drug Development Fellowship in clinical pharmacology. The fellowship, unique to the Midwest, provides pharmacy graduates the opportunity to gain a solid foundation and competitive edge within the industry through intensive training in various aspects of new drug development.

The Vanadro/Drake University Fellowship allows chosen qualified candidates to become highly skilled drug development scientists in preparation for a career in drug development within the pharmaceutical industry and academia. The Fellowship provides interactions with drug companies, the Food and Drug Administration, research laboratories, and didactic training in numerous aspects of research. Additionally, the fellow will be able to gain teaching experience In Drake’s doctor of pharmacy program. 

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