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Health Sciences Spotlight

Meet Nathanael Seaberg, a senior Health Sciences major from Moline, IL, who is on the Clinical and Applied Sciences Track.  In his last year at Drake, Nathanael was able to have an internship at Select Physical Therapy in Des Moines, IA.

Name:   Nathanael Seaberg
Hometown:    Moline, IL
Major:    Health Sciences, May 2020
Internship:    Select Physical Therapy
Location:    Des Moines, Iowa
Tell us about your internship, and what your primary role was?

​My internship was at Select Physical Therapy in downtown Des Moines. I worked with my preceptor, Dr. Abby Gillard, on a research project that revolves around return-to-play decisions in ACL injury. When we were not collecting data, I observed and helped her with physical therapy patients, both downtown and in the Drake Athletic Training room.

How do you feel Drake prepared you for this experience?

​Drake prepared me for my internship by giving me hands-on experience in previous classes, both with special tests and measurements as well as with my research skills. A key role of my internship position was being able to analyze literature and find solutions to issues that arose, and Drake certainly prepared me for those situations.

What was your biggest lesson from this experience?

My biggest lesson from the experience is that discovery is a long journey with lots of road blocks. We can not control everything in our study, and we often have to slow down, take a step back, and find a solution before we rush headlong into a problem area.

Do you have a favorite memory from this experience?

​My favorite experience so far has been working in the Drake Athletic Training room with Abby. As a student-athlete, I have been on the receiving end of treatment too many times to count, but I love being on the providing end for a change.

What are a few things you've liked most about your time as a Health Sciences major at Drake?

I love the interaction that we have with our faculty. All members of the Health Sciences program care deeply for the students and genuinely want them to succeed. I always feel like I am special when I can walk around campus and all of the Health Sciences Faculty- teachers, administrators, and researchers- know my name and say hi! I also love how our curriculum intentionally builds course on course. You always feel as if you are prepared for the next course load due to your current load.

What accomplishments are you most proud of from your time at Drake?

In the Health Sciences program I have had the privilege to research with a number of faculty, internal and external at Des Moines University. I have been named to the President’s list every semester at Drake, and will be graduating with a 4.0 GPA in May. I am a National Alumni Scholar at Drake, and in 2019 I was named a CoSida First Team Academic All-American for Men’s Soccer.

What is one piece of advice you have for future Drake Health Sciences students?

Get to know your advisor very well! They can help you out in so many ways across your four years! Dr. Gutierrez has helped me out in ways I could never have imagined over my four years, from letters of recommendation to watching soccer matches!

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