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Meet Sakshi Tiwari.

Sakshi is a senior in Drake's undergraduate Health Sciences program and will graduate in 2023! She is a Clinical and Medical Sciences major with a Pre-Med designation. Sakshi has completed her final-year Internship Experience with the Sports Medicine Department of Drake University Athletics.

Name: Sakshi Tiwari
Hometown: Chennai, India
Major: Clinical and Medical Sciences - Pre-Med
Senior Internship Organization: Drake University Sports Medicine

What were your responsibilities with this internship/research and the overall goal?

My responsibilities were initially with creating a study design for the soccer team to work on the strengthening of ankles which was an initial thought of my preceptor and other athletic trainers. The overall goal was to establish a study plan that could potentially increase mobility and strengthening of ankles.

What has been your favorite thing about this Internship Experience?

I loved that I could engage with the athletes and trainers and work alongside physicians during game days. It was like walking into a new day every day because I got to experience new knowledge about these terms that I had never heard before. I also just loved being a part of the team.

What made you choose Drake and the Health Sciences program?

It was because of the small classroom sizes and the coursework. I initially enrolled myself as a biochem major but with the health sciences program, I was offered a year-long internship which drew my attention. I am a transfer student so kind of transitioning to a different major was new and the biggest thing for me choosing CPHS was the internship program that was offered at Drake.

What are your career goals and plans after graduation?

I will be applying to medical school this year and during my gap year, I intend on working and getting experience in the Healthcare field, widening my knowledge, and experiencing new adventures that will last lifelong. My main focus is to be able to get some hands-on experience in hospitals and learn more about US healthcare.

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