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Invited Speaker Program

The Center for the Humanities encourages faculty to invite to the Drake campus noted scholars, performers, and artists who are engaged in research, creative activity, and/or teaching in the humanities.

Applications that propose speakers whose topics relate to or augment current or ongoing programs in the humanities curriculum, or whose invited speakers are part of Humanities Center-sponsored working groups, small conferences and the like, are especially welcome.


The Board will meet on the first Friday of each month in the Fall and Spring semesters. Please submit funding requests one week in advance of any given meeting, to ensure consideration. In general, requests for retroactive funding will not be considered, but faculty may inquire with the Director if extenuating circumstances arise.   


The following criteria will guide the Board in its deliberations:

  • The topic, issue, or question to be addressed by the invited person in his/her presentation should advance humanistic inquiry on the Drake campus.
  • The speaker should bring an expertise or perspective not already represented among Drake faculty or staff. Applicants are therefore asked to demonstrate that this particular speaker is equipped to do so. At minimum, a summary of the proposed speaker’s relevant accomplishments and current work should be included, along with a curriculum vitae.
  • The activities in which the proposed speaker takes part during his/her visit should engage the Drake campus and/or the local community in a variety of ways. The more broadly public that engagement, on the one hand, and the greater the variety of activities—such as classroom visits, seminars, public and semi-public addresses or performances—the more likely a proposal is to receive support.

Additional Information

In addition to addressing the criteria above, proposals must include a complete and detailed budget outlining all of the expected costs associated with the proposed speaker’s visit. Applicants whose proposals exceed $1250 should seek additional funding from other sources, and should list those other sources and the amounts requested from them.

Managing Expeditures

The Center for the Humanities requires funding recipients and Center-supported program/event organizers to observe Drake University accounting guidelines. The University's tax-free status depends upon uniform observance of these guidelines. Expenses incurred in contravention of these guidelines will not be reimbursed. For more information, please read our grant management page.


Recipients of funding from the Center for the Humanities are asked to provide reports on the impact and effect of the activities funded.

Acknowledging the Center

The Center’s support must be acknowledged in the published work and, when possible, in announcements, presentations, and publicity materials connected to it. Please see the for examples of appropriate formulations of acknowledgment.



To apply, please email your application and CV as attachments to The first two items in all applications should be (1) the amount requested and (2) the budget breakdown for the amount requested. We will also eagerly read about your project's details, timeline, and its importance to the Humanities at Drake and beyond, but we can only approve requests that include a total amount requested and a budget breakdown. 

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