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Grant Management

Travel Arrangements

Short's Travel is the University’s exclusive vendor for making airline travel arrangements. Using this service allows you to charge directly to a Drake Purchasing Card and is the only approved method of booking travel. Booking with another travel center or site will not be reimbursed. 

Tickets should generally be purchased at least 21 day in advance of the date of travel.  Reservations must be made for economy class on the lowest cost carrier meeting appropriate time considerations.

Managing Expeditures

The Center for the Humanities requires recipients of its funding and organizers of programs and events supported by the Center to observe Drake University accounting guidelines. The University's tax-free status depends upon uniform observance of these guidelines. Accordingly, expenses incurred in contravention of these guidelines will not be reimbursed.

Use the links below to access the Drake University Office of Business and Finance's guidelines:

The individual(s) in whose name a request for support has been made assumes responsibility for observing these guidelines. Recipients are especially advised to familiarize themselves with policies governing the reimbursement for food and drink expenses during travel and when hosting a University guest, including when students may attend meals, how many students and faculty may attend, how to calculate tips, whether alcoholic beverages may be ordered at meals, how to use the University’s tax-exempt number when making purchases, and so forth. 

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